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Some of God’s people have been so much cast down and disquieted, that they have despaired of their safety. Some have fallen sadly, as David and Peter did. Some have departed from the faith for a time … Many have been tried by cruel doubts and fears. But all have got safe home at last, the youngest as well as the oldest, the weakest as well as the strongest. And so it will be to the end. Can you prevent tomorrow’s sun from rising? Can you prevent the tide … from ebbing and flowing? Can you prevent the planets moving in their respective orbits? Then, and then alone, can you prevent the salvation of any believer, however feeble, the final safety of any living stone in that church which is built upon the rock, however small or insignificant that stone may appear.


source: J.C. Ryle “Holiness’” (Chapter 13: The Church that Christ Builds)

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… Say not, because your heart is lifted up just now with a strong sense of Christ’s mercy, ‘I shall never forget Him as long as I live.’ Oh, learn to abate something of this flattering estimate of yourself. You do not know yourself thoroughly. …

… I do want young Christians to understand what they must expect to find in themselves. I want to prevent their being stumbled and puzzled by the discovery of their own weakness and infirmity. I want them to see that they may have true faith and grace, in spite of all the devil’s whispers to the contrary, though they feel within many doubts and fears. …

… I dare be sure your heart has sometimes been tossed to and fro like the waves in a storm. You have found it agitated like the waters of the troubled sea when it cannot rest. … Jesus can say to your heart, whatever may be its ailment, ‘Peace, be still!’

What though your conscience within be lashed by the recollection of countless transgressions, and torn by every gust of temptation? What though the remembrance of past hideous profligacy be grievous unto you, and the burden intolerable? What though your heart seems full of evil, and sin appears to drag you whither it will like a slave? What though the devil rides to and fro over your soul like a conqueror, and tells you it is vain to struggle against him, there is no hope for you?

I tell you there is One who can give even you pardon and peace. My Lord and Master Jesus Christ can rebuke the devil’s raging, can calm even your soul’s misery, and say even to you, ‘Peace, be still!’ He can scatter that cloud of guilt which now weighs you down. He can bid despair depart. He can drive fear away. He can remove the spirit of bondage, and fill you with the spirit of adoption. Satan may hold your soul like a strong man armed, but Jesus is stronger than he, and when He commands, the prisoners must go free. Oh, if any troubled reader wants a calm within, let him go this day to Jesus Christ, and all shall yet be well!

… there is comfort in Christ. He can speak peace to wounded hearts as easily as calm troubled seas. He can rebuke rebellious wills as powerfully as raging winds. He can make storms of sorrow abate, and silence tumultuous passions, as surely as He stopped the Galilean storm. He can say to the heaviest anxiety, ‘Peace, be still!’ The floods of care and tribulation may be mighty, but Jesus sits upon the water floods, and is mightier than the waves of the sea (Ps. 93:4). The winds of trouble may howl fiercely round you, but Jesus holds them in His hand, and can stay them when He lists. Oh, if any reader of this paper is broken-hearted and care-worn and sorrowful, let him go to Jesus Christ, and cry to Him and he shall be refreshed.


source: J.C. Ryle “Holiness’” (Chapter 12: The Ruler of the Waves)

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It’s so easy to cash in these chips on my shoulder
So easy to loose this old tongue like a tiger
It’s easy to let all this bitterness smolder
Just to hide it away like a cigarette lighter

It’s easy to curse and to hurt and to hinder
It’s easy to not have the heart to remember
That I am a priest and a prince in the Kingdom of God

I’ve got voices that scream in my head like a siren
Fears that I feel in the night when I sleep
Stupid choices I made when I played in the mire
Like a kid in the mud on some dirty blind street

I’ve got sorrow to spare, I’ve got loneliness too
I’ve got blood on these hands that hold on to the truth
That I am a priest and a prince in the Kingdom of God

I swore on the Bible to not tell a lie
But I’ve lied and lied
And I’ve crossed my heart and I hoped to die
And I’ve died and died

But if it’s true that you gathered my sin in your hand
And you cast it as far as the east from the west
If it’s true that you put on the flesh of a man
And you walked in my shoes through the shadow of death

If it’s true that you dwell in the halls of my heart
Then I’m not just a fool with a fancy guitar
No, I am a priest and a prince in the Kingdom of God

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“Destroy this temple and in three days I will raise it up.” John 2:19

At the cross God’s temple is destroyed in judgment by the hand of God’s enemies.

In his death we see a righteous Israelite driven into exile away from the land of the living.

In his resurrection we see David’s greater son building a house for God’s name that would never perish so that everyone who comes to him would find life in God’s presence.

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The Kingdom of God

The Kingdom promised

The kingdom is promised to Abraham, Isaac, Jacob and his sons.

The Kingdom prefigured

The kingdom is prefigured in God’s ruling over Israel in the land of Canaan from Joshua to the exile. The kingdom is especially prefigured in the reigns of David and Solomon.

The Kingdom foreshadowed

The kingdom is foreshadowed by the Old Testament prophets. The prophets describe the kingdom in terms of earthly covenant blessings described in Deuteronomy.

The Kingdom inaugurated (now)

The kingdom is inaugurated in the actions of Jesus e.g. driving out of demons, plundering the possessions of the strong man. The kingdom has an inaugurated expression in the church.

The Kingdom consummated (not yet)

The kingdom’s final consummation will occur at the second coming of Christ and the new heavens and earth.

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Question 1 of the Heidelberg Catechism

What is your only comfort in life and in death?


That I am not my own, but belong – body and soul in life and in death – to my faithful Saviour Jesus Christ. (1-3)

He has fully paid for all my sins with his precious blood, and has set me free from the tyranny of the devil. (4-5)

He also watches over me in such a way that not a hair can fall from my head without the will of my Father in heaven in fact all things must work together for my salvation. (6-8)

Because I belong to him, Christ, by his Holy Spirit assures me of eternal life and makes me wholeheartedly willing and ready from now on to live for him. (9-10)

(1) 1Co_6:19-20 (2) Rom_14:7-9. (3) 1Co_3:23; Tit_2:14. (4) 1Pe_1:18-19; 1Jo_1:7; 1Jo_2:2. (5) Joh_8:34-36; Heb_2:14-15; 1Jo_3:8. (6) Joh_6:39-40; Joh_10:27-30; 2Th_3:3; 1Pe_1:5. (7) Mat_10:29-31; Luk_21:16-18. (8) Rom_8:28. (9) Rom_8:15-16; 2Co_1:21-22; 2Co_5:5; Eph_1:13-14. (10) Rom_8:14.

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(Isa 1:18) Salvation described as God washing red stains from a garment making it white.

(Isa 1:25-26) God’s people cleansed of sin and made righteous by Christ who raises up leaders for God’s people.

(Isa 2:2-5) All nations come to the temple that is Christ to learn God’s word. He makes peace. c.f. Joh 12:32; Eph 2:17. Also New Jerusalem.

(Isa 2:10,19-21) The second coming of the Christ causes men to hide in caves. c.f. Rev 6:16-17.

(Isa 2:11-17) The casting down of trees, mountains, towers, walls, masts is a metaphor of man’s pride humbled at Christ’s second coming.

(Isa 4:2) The future of God’s people described in terms of a beautiful branch and fruitfulness.

(Isa 4:3) God’s people described as holy and written in the book of life. This description is applied to all God’s people in Revelation.

(Isa 4:4) Salvation described as a purification from menstruation by a Spirit of judgment and fire.

(Isa 4:5-6) God shelters his people in a pillar of cloud-fire and as a booth, refuge and shelter from heat and storm. c.f. Rev 7:15-16.

(Isa 5:1-7) The parable of the vineyard is retold by the Christ in Luk 13:7-9 where fruitlessness is rejection of Christ & destruction 70AD.

(Isa 5:14) A metaphor of ultimate judgment is Sheol enlarging its appetite and opening wide its mouth.

(Isa 5:30) A metaphor of judgment is a land in darkness.

(Isa 6:1-5) The vision of the heavenly throne room is repeated in both Ezekiel 1 and Revelation 4 c.f. Rev 4:8-9.

(Isa 6:9-10) The ministry of Isaiah to sluggish hearts, heavy ears, blind eyes is also seen in ministry of the Christ. c.f. Mat 13:14-15.

(Isa 7:11) Christ is a sign as deep as Sheol in his death and as high as the heavens in his ascension.

(Isa 7:14) Christ is ultimate fulfillment of child born to a virgin who is called and signifies Immanuel – God with us – in the incarnation.

(Isa 8:15) Like God himself, Christ causes the falling (and rising) of many in Israel c.f. Luk 2:34.

(Isa 8:21-22) Judgment of distress, gloom of anguish, faces turned upward to curse God and thrusting into thick darkness. c.f. Rev 16:10.

(Isa 9:1-2) Christ is the great light that appears in Galilee for those who dwell in the land of deep darkness.

(Isa 9:3-5) Christ’s ministry results in God’s people being increased, great joy and victory over oppressors – sin, Satan, the world & grave

(Isa 9:6) Christ is the child born to us whom God ordains to have the government of all creation.

(Isa 9:6) Christ is the embodiment of ‘Wonderful Counselor is the Mighty God’ and ‘Everlasting Father is the Prince of Peace’.

(Isa 9:7) Christ’s reign shall be one of peace and no end. Christ inherits David’s throne and exercises justice & righteousness.

(Isa 10:5) God exercises his sovereignty in providentially using the nations to execute his judgments.

(Isa 10:15) God’s sovereignty is seen in the metaphors of nations as God’s axe, saw, rod, staff.

(Isa 10:20-27) Salvation described as the removing of the yokes and burdens of slavery. Christ frees from slavery to sin, Satan & grave.

(Isa 11:1) Christ is the shoot and branch that bears fruit from the almost destroyed stump of Jesse.

(Isa 11:2) Upon Christ rested the sevenfold Spirit of God. c.f. Rev 1:4.

(Isa 11:3-5) Christ delighted in the fear of the LORD and brings justice to the poor in both gospel ministry and at his return.

(Isa 11:4) Christ shall strike the nations with rod of his mouth, with the breath of his lips c.f. Rev 19:15 ie sword that comes from mouth.

(Isa 11:6-9) Conditions of peace in the new earth.

(Isa 11:10) Christ when he is raised up on the cross was a sign that drew all nations to himself.

(Isa 11:11-13) The second exodus that foreshadows the great gathering of God’s people at the rapture i.e. gathering of elect from 4 corners

(Isa 11:14-16) The gathering of people in God’s land (new earth) and taking possession of the lands of the nations (described in OT terms).

(Isa 12:1-6) Salvation is the turning away of God’s anger and experiencing comfort, salvation and joy. Wells of salvation c.f John 4.

(Isa 13:3) God’s gathering consecrated mighty men to judge Babylon foreshadows Christ’s coming with holy angels c.f. 2Th 1:7-10; Jude 1:14.

(Isa 13:10-12) The fall of Babylon to the Medes in 539 B.C. foreshadows the ultimate judgment – sun,moon,stars go dark, creations trembles.

(Isa 14:1) Isaiah predicts a day when Gentiles would be joined to Israel and share in the new earth. c.f. Zec 2:11; Gal 3:29; Rom 4:13.

(Isa 14:2) Essay on Isaiah and the nations – https://andrewgroves.files.wordpress.com/2010/05/ma-isaiah-and-the-nations.pdf

(Isa 14:12) Babylon, Satan, Antichrist as the Morning Star of the Dawn but will be cut to the ground.

(Isa 14:13-14) Satan-Babylon-Antichrist seek to ascend to the heights of heaven, become like the Most High, sit on the Mount of Assembly.

(Isa 14:15) Instead of the heavenly heights of the Mount of Assembly Babylon-Antichrist/Gog shall be brought down to depths of Sheol.

(Isa 14:12-20) This passage relates strongly to the Battle of Har Maggedon (i.e. Armageddon).

(Isa 15) The judgment on Moab foreshadows the final judgment on all nations -laid waste, wailing, sackcloth, crying out, weeping,destruction

(Isa 16:5) Christ’s throne established in covenant love. He sits in faithfulness in tent of David doing righteousness. Christ rules Moab.

(Isa 17:12-13) Metaphor of judgment as roaring waves that are rebuked or chaff blown by the wind. c.f. Rev 17:1.

(Isa 18:7) A day is coming when even the furthest nation in the south shall bring tribute into the New Jerusalem c.f. Rev 21:24.

(Isa 19:5-6) Metaphor of judgment – the drying up of waters of life.

(Isa 19:14) Metaphor of judgment – like a drunken man who staggers in his vomit.

(Isa 19:16,17) When Christ returns all anti-God nations (Egypt) will tremble and shake. Nations shall fear God’s people who return with him.

(Isa 19:18) Even in Egypt a remnant (five cities) will be incorporated into God’s people (speak language) through Christ – even all nations.

(Isa 19:19-20) Christ is the savior, defender, deliverer for all nations.

(Isa 19-20) A remnant of the nations are Christ’s. People represented as an altar and pillar (i.e. as a temple complex) c.f Rev 3:12; 6:9.

(Isa 19:21) Isaiah foretold the Gentiles (typified by Egypt) knowing the LORD in a covenant relationship & worshiping him in Christ.

(Isa 19:22) God’s sovereignty. He strikes/wounds and then he heals in order to cause repentance/pleas of mercy so that he will listen & heal

(Isa 19:23-25) Israel, Egypt & Assyria are all God’s inheritance, people and work on equal standing. All TOGETHER come in worship.

(Isa 19:23-25) Jews and Gentiles travel the same highway (Christ, ‘followers of the Way’) to worship the LORD through Christ.

(Isa 19:23-25) Old Testament foresaw that God would justify the Gentiles alongside the Jews in Christ, gathering them together in worship.

(Isa 22:22) Ultimately Christ possesses the key of the house of David, with authority to open and shut at his will. c.f. Rev 3:7.

(Isa 22:23-24) Christ is like a peg fastened in a firm place upon which everyone else hangs.

(Isa 24:1,3) The twisting of the earth’s surface, scattering of inhabitants and emptying & plundering of the earth describes final judgment.

(Isa 24:2,3) Final judgment will come on all people by the word of the LORD c.f. Rev 19:18,15.

(Isa 24:7-13) The end of joy, gladness and drinking wine as well as darkness is a description of final judgment. C.f. Rev 18:22-23.

(Isa 24:14-16) The eschatological judgment of the earth is followed by God’s people singing for joy and praising God. c.f Rev 18:20; 19:1-6.

(Isa 24:18) People flees the sound of terror only to fall into a pit, climb out and caught in a snare. Final judgment is unavoidable.

(Isa 24:19-20) Metaphor of judgment – earth staggers like a drunken man, sways like a hut, falls never to rise again.

(Isa 24:21-22) Angelic beings & kings of the earth currently imprisoned in Sheol will be judged at final judgment c.f. 2Pe 2:4; Jude 1:6.

(Isa 24:23) After creation disintegrates the LORD will reign in the New Jerusalem with glory forever c.f. Rev 6:12; 22:5.

(Isa 25:4) Christ is a shelter for his people from storm of judgment and a shade fro heat of judgment. c.f. Rev 7:16.

(Isa 25:6) In Zion Christ prepared a feast that would give life to all nations – his body the meat, his blood the wine.

(Isa 25:7-8) In Zion, at Cross, Christ swallowed up death forever. He wipes away tears & takes away reproach c.f. 1Co 15:54; Rev 7:17; 21:4.

(Isa 25:9) Christ … This is our God. We waited for him and he saved us. Let us be glad and rejoice in his salvation.

(Isa 25:10-12) The judgment on Moab is universalized as the judgment on all nations – trampled, swimming in dung, cast to ground.

(Isa 26:14) The dead are shades that will not rise due to God’s having visiting them with destruction.

(Isa 26:19) In Christ the dead shall live, their bodies rise. Those who dwell in the dust shall awake and sin for joy.

(Isa 27:1) The day when the Lord’s sword is yielded against the serpent Leviathan is Christ’s final victory over Satan.

(Isa 27:6) In the new earth, God’s people shall take root, send forth shoots and fill the whole world with the fruit of righteousness.

(Isa 27:12-13) Christ will glean his people 1 by 1 with a great trumpet call from the hostile nations & gather to worship in New Jerusalem.

(Isa 28:7) Metaphor for judgment – drunkenness, staggering, falling, vomiting. c.f. Rev 14:10.

(Isa 28:16) Christ is Zion’s precious foundation cornerstone c.f. Mat 21:42; Act 4:11-12; Rom 9:33, 10:11; 1Co 3:11; Eph 2:20; 1Pe 2:6-8.

(Isa 29:6) The LORD’s visitation with hosts, thunder, earthquake, tempest, devouring fire will ultimately be seen in Christ’s return.

(Isa 29:7) The final gathering of the nations to fight against God’s people shall result in their judgment.

(Isa 29:18-19) In day of God’s restoration deaf shall hear, blind shall see. Fulfilled in Christ’s ministry from 30 A.D. Poor meek have joy.

(Isa 30:19) Christ’s people, who belong to the heavenly Zion (Heb 12:22), weep no more, experience grace and are heard by God.

(Isa 30:20-22) Christ is the Teacher of God’s people. The Spirit of Christ, a voice behind us, speaks & encourages us to walk in God’s way.

(Isa 30:23-26) Fruitfulness, living waters, light greater than sun, healing of broken bones and wounds describes new earth c.f. Rev 22:1-5.

(Isa 30:27-32) Fire, threshing, blows, great storms c.f. Revelation’s imagery of final judgment. Heavens rejoice as God judges – Rev 19:1-4

(Isa 30:33) OT imagery that in the NT becomes the lake of fire.

(Isa 31:4) As a lion growls over his prey against a band of shepherds so shall Christ be against the nations at his return.

(Isa 31:5-6) Christ shall protect & deliver his people c.f. hovering birds. Christ shall purify the hearts of his people.

(Isa 32:1-2) Christ is king who reigns in righteousness, hiding place from wind, shelter from storm, shade of great rock, as living waters.

(Isa 32:3-4) Christ regenerates his people – opens eyes and ears, causes hearts to understand, enables tongues to declare God’s praises.

(Isa 32:15-17) The effect of God’s Spirit being poured out is compared to a wilderness becoming fruitful i.e. righteousness, peace, trust.

(Isa 32:18,20) OT shadows of new earth – peace in dwellings, oxen can range free – in other words, there will be peace, safety, no theft.

(Isa 33:2) Salvation described as the work of God’s arm.

(Isa 33:17,22) A man is king. God is king. Christ, both God and man, is the beautiful king, judge and lawgiver who saves.

(Isa 33:20-21) The New Jerusalem shall be an immovable tent whose stakes will never be plucked up or cords broken. A place of many waters.

(Isa 33:24) Salvation is healing and the forgiveness of iniquity.

(Isa 34:3-4) Final judgment – bodies cast out and rotting, mountains flowing with blood.

(Isa 34:3-4) Final judgment – sky rolled up like a scroll, stars fall like fig leaves. John quotes these words in Rev 6:13-14.

(Isa 34:9-10) Eternal judgment described in terms of Edom’s waters as pitch, soil as sulfur, burning night&day, unquenchable, smoke forever.

(Isa 34:9-10) Recalls Sodom & Gomorrah and points to final judgment. C.f. Rev 14:10-11; 18:18; 19:3.

(Isa 34:11-17) An alternate picture of judgment – Edom being assigned as inheritances for various wild animals.

(Isa 35:1-2) By contrast the new earth is one where wilderness becomes living waters and fruitful. Earth filled with God’s glory & majesty.

(Isa 35:1-2,6-7) In new earth wilderness of death transformed by living waters and fruitfulness. Filled with God’s glory and majesty.

(Isa 35:5-6) Christ opens eyes of blind, unstops ears of deaf, makes lame to rise from dust (death), causes tongue of mute to sing joyfully.

(Isa 35:8-10) The Way of Holiness is the Way, Truth & Life of Christ. Only redeemed ransomed cleansed shall walk on it. No evil forces harm.

(Isa 35:10) Pilgrims to heavenly Zion with joy & gladness, sorrow and sighing shall flee away. Experienced now and not yet. c.f. Rev 21:4.

(Isa 36:1-2; 37:36) Assyria against Jerusalem but Angel of the LORD strikes them with sword – a type of Har Mageddon & Christ’s return.

(Isa 37:31-32) Re-occuring pattern in Scripture- God zealously saves a remnant who take root & bear fruit c.f. work of Christ among nations.

(Isa 37:35) God saves on the basis of his glory and his faithfulness to his promises to David that the Christ will come from his family.

(Isa 40:3-4) John the Baptist’s work described as valleys lifted up, mountains made low, a flat highway in the wilderness i.e. repentance.

(Isa 40:5) All flesh seeing the glory of the LORD occurs when Christ, the glory of God, comes after John’s preparation work.

(Isa 40:6-7) Grass-withering flower-fading flesh are saved by the forever standing word of God in Christ.

(Isa 40:9-11) The good news of Christ went first from Jerusalem to Judea announcing God had come in Christ powerful to save.

(Isa 40:9-11) Christ is the shepherd who tends his flock, carrying them, gently leading them c.f. Joh 10:16,26; Joh 10.

(Isa 40:26) God’s calling the stars by name & in strength ensuring not one is missing points to his similar care toward his people.

(Isa 40:28) Salvation is the result of God being everlasting, sovereign over the ends of the earth and his never becoming faint or weary.

(Isa 40:29-31) Christ renews strength of his faint, powerless weary people so that those who wait on him rise on eagle wings c.f. Rev 12:14.

(Isa 41:8-14) Christ’s people are called from the ends of the earth, chosen and not cast off. God present helping & strengthening them.

(Isa 41:17-18) Christ’s poor & thirsty people shall be satisfied with waters of life. c.f. Joh 4:14; 7:38; Rev 7:17; 21:6; 22:1; 22:17.

(Isa 41:19-20) A renewed earth where the waters in the wilderness result in great living trees.

(Isa 41:21-29) God is powerful to save because, unlike idols, he both knows & controls history. C.f. Christ opens scroll – knows & controls.

(Isa 42:1) Christ, God’s servant, upheld, chosen, in whom his soul delights. Christ has God’s Spirit to bring forth justice to the nations.

(Isa 42:2) Christ in his earthly ministry did not cry aloud or lift up his voice, or make it heard in the street C.f. Mat 12:16-20.

(Isa 42:3) Christ did not/does not break bruised reeds nor quench faintly burning wicks. c.f. Mat 12:16-20

(Isa 42:4) Christ will not grow faint or be discouraged till he has established justice in the earth; and the coastlands wait for his law.

(Isa 42:5-6) Christ called by God in righteousness, taken by the hand, kept by God, given to be a covenant & light to nations.

(Isa 42:7) Christ opened the eyes of blind, released the prisoners who sat in darkness in prison of sin, Satan & death.

(Isa 42:10-12) All nations to sing a new song to Christ – the peoples of the coastlands & wilderness praise God’s glory from mountain tops.

(Isa 42:15) Judgment described as laying waste mountains and hills, drying up all vegetation; drying up pools. c.f. 2Pe 3:12.

(Isa 42:16) Salvation as God leading the blind in new paths turning darkness into light, rough paths becoming smooth.

(Isa 43:1-2) Salvation as passing through waters and fire without being harmed.

(Isa 43:5-7) Salvation as God gathering those called by his name & created for his glory from the north, south, east and west.

(Isa 43:8) Salvation described as God saving the people who are blind, yet have eyes, who are deaf, yet have ears! Irresistible grace.

(Isa 43:10-13) As God is the the only God and therefore the only saviour so too is Christ’s name the only name by which people can be saved.

(Isa 43:16) Salvation as a way in the sea, a path in the mighty waters.An image of Christ making a way for his people through many troubles.

(Isa 43:17-18) Salvation as a greater Exodus than the Exodus out of Egypt.

(Isa 43:20-21) Salvation as God giving water of life to chosen people who have been formed for his glory that they might declare his glory.

(Isa 43:25) Salvation as God blotting out transgressions of his people for his own glory’s sake & not remembering their sins thru Christ.

(Isa 44:1-2) God’s people as God’s servant, formed from the womb, chosen and helped by God.

(Isa 44:3-4) Salvation as God’s/Christ’s pouring out his Spirit on his people effecting new creation.

(Isa 44:5) People shall write on their hand, ‘The LORD’s,’ and name himself by the name of Israel. C.f. Rev 3:12; 14:1; 22:4.

(Isa 44:6-9) Salvation grounded in God as the first and the last. The only God. The only one who can predict future because he ordains it.

(Isa 44:18) In idolatry God shuts eyes, so that they cannot see, and shuts hearts, so that they cannot understand.

(Isa 44:21-22) Salvation as God not forgetting his people and blotting out their transgressions like a cloud and sins like mist. In Christ.

(Isa 45:7) God forms light and creates darkness, he makes well-being and creates calamity, he does all these things.

(Isa 45:8) Salvation and righteousness compared to the showers of rain and to the fruit that is produced.

(Isa 45:9-11) God has the right to form people as a potter with clay for whatever he purposes. C.f. election in Rom 9:20-21.

(Isa 45:17) In Christ Israel is saved with an everlasting salvation; not be shamed or confounded to all eternity.

(Isa 45:22) The gospel is a call for all nations to the ends of the earth to turn to Christ as the only way of salvation.

(Isa 45:23) To Christ shall every knee shall bow, every tongue shall swear allegiance. c.f. Phil 2:10.

(Isa 45:24-25) In Christ is the righteousness and power of God for salvation. In him God’s people are justified and glorified.

(Isaiah) Strong emphasis on the provision of life-giving waters c.f. Joh 4:14; 7:38; Rev 7:17; 21:6; 22:1; 22:17.

(Isa 46:5-11) God is able to save because he controls and implements history by his own counsel. c.f. the lamb who opens the scroll.

(Isa 46:13) Christ is God’s righteousness and salvation revealed in Jerusalem.

(Isa 47:4) Our Redeemer–the LORD of hosts is his name– is the Holy One of Israel.

(Isa 47:5) Judgment described as sitting alone in the darkness. Christ uses the same imagery in the gospels.

(Isa 48:9,11) God does not cut off his people but defers his anger in salvation for the glory of his name and praise.

(Isa 48:10) Salvation described as a refining of silver in a furnace affliction.

(Isa 48:20) The direction to ‘go out from Babylon’ is based on Christ’s redeeming work. c.f. Rev 18:4.

(Isa 49:1) Christ called to be God’s servant from the womb.

(Isa 49:2) Christ’s mouth like a sharp sword. Christ hidden like an arrow in the shadow of God’s hand.

(Isa 49:3) Christ is God’s servant, Israel-reduced-to-one in whom God is glorified.

(Isa 49:5-6) Christ brings not only Israel back to God, gathering them and raising them but he is also a light to the Gentiles as well.

(Isa 49:7) Christ is the deeply despised one, abhorred by Israel, to whom the nations shall prostrate themselves because God has chosen him.

(Isa 49:8) Christ is the new covenant who establishes God’s people and assigns inheritances in the kingdom of God.

(Isa 49:9-10) Christ releases prisoners, shepherds & shelters and gives them living waters. Quoted in Rev 7:16-17 and applied to Christians.

(Isa 49:11-12) Christ will gather his people from all the earth. Rapture.

(Isa 49:13,14-16) Salvation as God comforting his afflicted people. Salvation as God remembering his people.

(Isa 49:17-22) Regathered people of God will be a great multitude. Renewed desolate wildernesses will overflow with people in new earth.

(Isa 50:4) Christ in his earthly ministry was taught by God what to say and how to sustain the weary with a word.

(Isa 50:5) Christ learned of God with an open ear and was obedient.

(Isa 50:6-7) Christ suffered – back struck, beard pulled, face spat upon – but God helped & he was determined like face of flint.

(Isa 50:10) Christ is the servant of God whose voice is to be obeyed if we desire to walk in the light.

(Isa) Of the 18 times in the OT when God is called Redeemer, 13 occur in Isaiah 40-66, the OT Scripture most clearly pointing to Christ.

(Isa 41:14; 43:14; 44:6,24; 44:24; 47:4; 48:17; 49:7,26; 54:5,8; 59:20; 60:16; 63:16) Redeemer.

(Isa 51:3) Salvation likened to a return to Eden like conditions and to joyful singing.

(Isa 51:4-5) In Christ God’s law goes out as a light to the nations. In Christ the nations place their hope i.e. the power of the gospel.

(Isa 51:6) Present heavens & earth shall vanish like smoke & wear out like a garment. God’s people experience righteous salvation forever.

(Isa 51:8) Wicked shall be eaten up by moths and worms. As Christ said, their worm shall not die.

(Isa 51:11) Ransomed of the LORD returning to Zion with singing, joy & gladness, sorrow and sighing shall flee away. c.f. Rev 14:1-4; 21:4.

(Isa 51:16) Christ is the prophet who speaks God’s word that makes people to be in a covenant relationship with God as their God.

(Isa 51:17,22) Eschatological judgment is drinking the cup of God’s wrath to the dregs and staggering to fall.

(Isa 52:1) Salvation as Zion wearing beautiful clothing c.f. Rev 21:2.

(Isa 52:2-3) Salvation as Christ ransoming his people from slavery. Redeeming them not with money but with power.

(Isa 52:7) Beautiful feet on the mountains announcing good news to Zion about God’s kingdom is the gospel being proclaimed.

(Isa 52:10) In Christ all the ends of the earth see the power and salvation of God.

(Isa 52:13) Christ is God’s wise and highly exalted servant.

(Isa 52:14-15) At the cross, Christ’s physical appearance was marred and he was regarded as one unclean who needed cleansing.

(Isa 53:2-3) Christ was a root out of dry ground, no majesty in appearance, despised, rejected, a man of sorrows, familiar with grief.

(Isa 51:4-6) Christ took on our sorrows, stricken, smitten, afflicted by God, wounded for transgressions, crushed for iniquities, bore sin.

(Isa 53:7-9) Christ was oppressed, afflicted and lead like a lamb to the slaughter, cut off from the land of the living, buried with rich.

(Isa 53:9-10) Christ was innocent, no lie in his mouth, will of the LORD that he should suffer, his life an offering for sin.

(Isa 53:10-11) Christ raised to life, God’s will to prosper in his hands, make the many to be righteous.

(Isa 53:12) Because Christ poured out his life to death, bore sins of many, made intercession, he shall have an inheritance shared with many

(Isa 54:1) Christ’s people shall be a great multitude.

(Isa 54:2) Christ’s land shall be expanded upon until it is the whole new earth.

(Isa 54:5-6) In Christ God calls his people who are as a deserted wife grieved in spirit. Christ is the husband of his people.

(Isa 54:9-10) IN Christ the curse of God’s anger shall never come on us again nor his covenant love ever leave us.

(Isa 54:11-12) The New Jerusalem has foundations and walls of precious stones c.f Rev 21:14-21.

(Isa 54:13) The citizens of the heavenly Zion are all taught by the Spirit and experience peace. No opposition against them can succeed.

(Isa 55:1) Thirsty to freely drink water, wine and milk, that is, Christ and his Spirit. c.f. Joh 4:14; Quoted in Rev 21:6; 22:17.

(Isa 54:2) Christ is the bread that is gained without money, which one ought to work for to be satisfied. Quoted by Jesus in Joh 6:27.

(Isa 55:3-4) Christ is the fulfillment of God’s eternal covenant love promises made to David.

(Isa 55:5) Christ is glorified by God and made ruler of all nations.

(Isa 55:7-9) Salvation is based on God’s high thoughts, his compassion and desire to pardon abundantly. Evidenced in Christ.

(Isa 55:10-11) God’s word succeeds in accomplishing what God sends it out to do as certainly as heavenly waters cause earthly fruitfulness.

(Isa 55:12-13) New earth conditions – creation shall rejoice with singing and thorns/briers replaced with cypress/myrtles. Joy and life.

(Isa 55:1; 41:17-18; 43:20; 49:10; 58:11) The provision of life-giving waters to the thirsty is a key theme c.f. Joh 4:14; Rev 21:6; 22:17.

(Isa 56:3-8) In addition to the outcasts of Israel, Christ gathers Gentiles to himself as the new temple where God is worshiped.

(Isa 56:9) All you beasts of the field, come to devour– all you beasts in the forest. The same call is in Rev 19:17-21 at Christ’s return.

(Isa 57:14) Salvation as building up a road and removing every obstruction. Achieved in Christ as the way and his work a the cross.

(Isa 57:15) Christ who dwells in the heavens is present through his Spirit with the contrite and lowly, to revive the spirit and the heart.

(Isa 57:19) Christ brings peace to both those who are near (Jews) and those who are far away (Gentiles) c.f. Eph 2:17.

(Isa 58:8) Salvation as dawn’s light, with healing springing up speedily, righteousness going before, God’s glory as rear guard.

(Isa 58:11) Salvation as God satisfying thirst, making bones strong, making like a watered garden, a never-ending spring of water.

(Isa 59:1) God is able to save because his hand is not too short nor is his ear hard of hearing.

(Isa 59:16) Only the God-man Christ can interceded, employ his arm in salvation and uphold righteousness.

(Isa 59:17) Christ is the divine warrior wearing righteousness as breastplate, helmet of salvation; garments of vengeance, zeal as a cloak.

(Isa 59:18) Christ shall judge the nations.

(Isa 59:19) Christ makes men in west to fear God. Christ’s glory rises like sun in east. Comes like rushing stream driven by the wind.

(Isa 59:20) Christ is the Redeemer who came to Zion and turned Jews from transgression.

(Isa 59:21) Christ is the covenant of God by which God pours out his Spirit on his people and places his word in their mouths.

(Isa 60:1) Christ is the light and glory of God that has arisen upon his people like the sun.

(Isa 60:2-3) Christ causes his glory and light to be reflected in his people to whom all nations are drawn.

(Isa 60:5-22) The New Jerusalem shall be glorified with the wealth of all nations. Fulfilled and quoted in Rev 21:24-26.

(Isa 60:11) Gates of New Jerusalem open continually & never shut so to receive the wealth of nations, kings in procession. c.f.Rev 21:24-26.

(Isa 60:19-20) c.f.Rev 21:23 New Jerusalem has no need of sun or moon to shine for the glory of God gives it light and its lamp is the Lamb.

(Isa 60:21) God’s people as the branch of his planting, the work of his hands.

(Isa 61:1) The Spirit of the Lord GOD was upon Christ because he was anointed by the LORD.

(Isa 61:1) Christ brings good news to poor; binds up brokenhearted, proclaims freedom to captives, opens prison to those who are bound.

(Isa 61:2) Christ proclaimed the year of the LORD’s favor, and the day of vengeance of our God; to comfort all who mourn.

(Isa 61:3 Christ replaces mourning & ashes – headdress, oil of gladness, garment of praise. Makes them oaks of righteousness planted by God.

(Isa 61:7) The New Jerusalem as an inheritance in which God’s people rejoice with everlasting joy.

(Isa 61:8) Christ is an everlasting covenant between God and his people.

(Isa 61:10) Salvation as being clothed e.g. robe of righteousness & beautiful headdress. Like priest or bride with jewels. c.f. Rev 21:2,19.

(Isa 61:11) Salvation as a garden growing righteousness and praise to sprout up before all the nations. c.f. Rev 22:1-2.

(Isa 62:2) God’s people to be called by a new name that the mouth of the LORD will give. c.f. Rev 3:12.

(Isa 62:3) God’s people as a crown of beauty in the hand of the LORD and a royal diadem in the hand of your God.

(Isa 62:4-5) God to marry his people and delight in them. c.f. Rev 21.

(Isa 62:10) Salvation described as a highway for all peoples, cleared of stones leading through the gates of Zion. i.e. faith in Christ.

(Isa 62:11) In Christ salvation comes from the one who rewards his people.

(Isa 62:12) Christ’s people are called a holy people, a redeemed people, a people sought by Christ and not forsaken by him.

(Isa 63:1-6) Christ tramples the nations in the wine press of God’s wrath, blood stained garments. c.f. Rev 14:19-20; 19:15.

(Isa 63:7) Salvation comes from God’s covenant love, his great goodness and his compassion as seen in Christ.

(Isa 63:9) In all their affliction Christ was afflicted, as the angel of his presence he saved them; in his love & in his pity he redeemed.

(Isa 63:17) Irresistible grace. LORD makes to wander from his ways & harden our heart so people not fear. Need God to return to people.

(Isa 64:1) God rended heavens and came down on Christ at his baptism through the Spirit. Christ will again rend heavens and come to judge.

(Isa 64:6) Sinners like one who is unclean, righteous deeds like a menstrual cloth, fade like a leaf, taken away by the wind.

(Isa 64:8) God as the potter, people as the clay the work of God’s hands. c.f election in Romans 9.

(Isa 64:9) Salvation as God turning away from his anger and not remembering his people’s sin.

(Isa 65:5) Sinners as smoke in God’s nostrils, a fire that burns all the day.

(Isa 65:8) Salvation as of a remnant saved as new wine is found in the cluster.

(Isa 65:13-15) God’s people shall eat, drink, rejoice, sing, receive a new name. Not hunger, thirst, shame, cry & wail in pain, be cursed.

(Isa 65:17) God will create new heavens and a new earth, and the former things shall not be remembered or come into mind. c.f. Rev 21:1.

(Isa 65:18) The New Jerusalem in which will be joy and gladness forever.

(Isa 65:19) In the New Jerusalem God shall be glad and rejoice over his people. No more sounds of weeping and distress. c.f. Rev 21:4.

(Isa 65:20) In New Jerusalem the OT shadow of long lives will be realized in eternal life. Isa 65:19,22 indicates no death (a former thing).

(Isa 65:21-23) No longer any curse of frustrated toil – Deut. covenant blessings -houses, vineyards, fruit and enjoying work of one’s hands.

(Isa 65:24) In the New Jerusalem God will anticipate his people’s requests and answer them before they call.

(Isa 65:25) In New Jerusalem – peace, enemies at peace, serpent humiliated, no hurting or destroying in all God’s holy mountain (new earth)

(Isa 66:2) Christ saves the one who is humble and contrite in spirit and trembles at his word.

(Isa 66:7-9) Salvation shall follow as certainly as birth follows labor pains.

(Isa 66:11-13) God’s people experiencing salvation compared to a child drinking deeply with delight from gloriously full breasts.

(Isa 66:12) Salvation compared to peace like a river, an overflowing stream or a child nursed, carried on the hip and bounced upon knees.

(Isa 66:14) Salvation compared to bones shall flourish like the grass.

(Isa 66:15-16) Christ’s coming in fire, with chariots like whirlwind, with anger in fury and rebuke with flames of fire & sword. c.f. Rev 19

(Isa 66:18) Christ shall gather all nations for judgment as they see his glory.

(Isa 66:19) Christ crucified as a sign among the nations. God’s glory taken to the nations of Paul’s first & second missionary journeys.

(Isa 66:20-21) Jews & Gentiles brought to Christ like offerings. Even Gentiles to become like priests and Levites.

(Isa 66:22) The new heavens, the new earth and the people of God to endure before God’s presence forever.

(Isa 66:23) Everlasting worship in the new creation by all flesh – new moon to new moon, Sabbath to Sabbath i.e. OT symbol of worship.

(Isa 66:24) Outside the New Jerusalem are the dead bodies of the rebels whose worm does not die and whose fire not quenched. c.f. Rev 22:15.

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Just a collection of some of my favourite quotes about God’s sovereignty over suffering and sin.


God allows in his wisdom what he can easily prevent by his power.



The Shepherd breaks the lamb’s leg and this is grace



Suffering, eggs and potatoes



Sovereignty of God over rebellion



Luther on grace alone



Spectacular Sins


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The way we dress as Christians should not scream: "Sex!" or "Pride!" or "Wealth!", but rather testify to purity, humility and moderation.

source: Lenora Hammond


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