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In the quietness of prayer let me believe that a simple and determined surrender of my will to Him will bring the heart-cleansing I need.

When I bow in deep stillness before God and believe what He says, then His law will take possession of my inner life with all its power.

I need daily, prayerful fellowship with God if I am to have His thoughts make their home in me.

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Chapter 1

The sin of prayerlessness

It is a reproach to God

It is the cause of a deficient spiritual life.

The Church suffers great loss as a result of the prayerlessness of their minister.

Chapter 2

The cause of prayerlessness is the flesh.

Chapter 10

One great power of sin is that it blinds men so that they do not recognize its true character. Even the Christian himself finds an excuse in the thought that he can never be perfect and that daily sin is a necessity. He is so accustomed to the thought of sinning that he has almost lost the power and ability of mourning over sin. And yet there can be no real progress in grace apart from an increased consciousness of the sin and guilt of every transgression against God. And there cannot be a more important question than this: "How can I regain the lost tenderness of conscience and become prepared really to offer to God the sacrifice of a broken heart?"

What think you? Do you not begin to see that the sin of prayerlessness has had a more terrible effect than you at first supposed? It is because of this hasty and superficial converse with God that the sense of sin is so weak and that no motives have power to help you to hate and flee from sin as you ought. Nothing, nothing except the hidden, humble, constant fellowship with God can teach you, as a child of God, to hate sin as God wants you to hate it.

Chapter 16

There are many who think they must preach the Word only, and that the Spirit will make the Word fruitful. They do not understand that it is the Spirit in and through the preacher who will bring the Word to the heart. I must not be satisfied with praying to God to bless, through the operation of His Spirit, the Word that I preach. The Lord wants me to be filled with the Spirit: then I shall speak aright and my preaching will be in the manifestation of the Spirit and power.

Chapter 21

Many think that they must, with their defective spiritual life, work themselves up to pray more. They do not understand that only in proportion as the spiritual life is strengthened can the prayer life increase. Prayer and life are inseparably connected. What do you think? Which has the stronger influence over you, prayer for five or ten minutes, or the whole day spent in the desires of the world? Let it not surprise you if your prayers are not answered. The reason may easily lie here; your life and your prayer are at strife with each other; your heart is more wholly devoted to living than to prayer.

Dr. Alexander Whyte, in an address, once said: "I think sometimes, when my salary is paid to me so faithfully and punctually: the deacons have performed faithfully their part of the agreement; have I been so faithful in my part, in persevering in prayer and the ministry of the Word?" Another minister has said: "How surprised people would be if I proposed to divide my time between these two equally, one-half given to prayer, the other to the ministry of the Word?

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