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As God’s Spirit works new creation in me and in the midst of the brokenness that comes under his providence, with all my heart I long to grow in grace.

There is such a thing as growing in grace which is:

evidence of spiritual health and prosperity

is a way to be happy in Christ

causes us to be of usefulness to others

pleases God

a thing for which I am accountable

Growing in grace has the following marks:

Increased humility

Increased faith and love toward the Lord Jesus

Increased holiness of life and conversation

Increased spirituality of taste and mind

Increased love

Increased zeal and diligence in trying to do good to souls

The means of growing in grace:

Diligence in the use of private means of grace – prayer, reading, meditation and self-examination

Carefulness in the use of public means of grace – uniting with the people of God in common prayer and praise, the preaching of the Word, the sacrament of the Lord’s Supper.

Seeking friends who will stir us up about our prayers, reading, employment of time, souls, salvation and world to come.

Regular and habitual communion with the Lord Jesus.

Watchfulness over our conduct in the little matters of everyday life. Our tempers, our tongues, the discharge of our several relations of life, our employment of time – each and all must be vigilantly attended to if we wish our souls to prosper. Life is made up of days, and days of hours, and the little things of every hour are never so little as to be beneath the care of a Christian. When a tree begins to decay at root or heart, the mischief is first seen at the extreme end of the little branches. … Let others despise us, if they like, and call us precise and over careful. Let us patiently hold on our way, remembering that ‘we serve a precise God’ (Richard Rogers 1550-1618) … We must aim to have a Christianity which, like the sap of a tree, runs through every twig and leaf of our character, and sanctifies all. This is one way to grow!


source: J.C. Ryle “Holiness’” (Chapter 6: Growth)

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Andrew Peterson’s song on the the joys and trials of marriage.


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