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William to Jocelyn: This tournament. I’ll win it in your name. Every knight I defeat, I defeat for you. Your beauty will be reflected in the power of my arm …

Jocelyn begins to walk away

William: Jocelyn, how may I prove my love to you? How?

Jocelyn: Do you ask in earnest?

William: Yes.

Jocelyn: If you would prove your love, you should do your worst.

William: My worst. What do you mean?

Jocelyn: Instead of winning, to honour me with your high reputation, I want you to act against your normal character and do badly.

William: Do badly.

Jocelyn: Lose!

William: No, losing proves nothing, except that I’m a loser!

Jocelyn: Wrong! Losing is a much keener test of your love. Losing would contradict your self-love, and losing would show your obedience to your lover and not to yourself!

Jocelyn: What is your answer?

William: I will not lose.

Jocelyn: Then you do not love me.

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