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Fair or just?

wrong view

There is a law of fairness that is higher and more absolute than God. It is binding even for God. God must act in response to that law in order to be fair. Our response is to appeal to that law.



correct view

God Himself is the standard of justice. He uses His power according to His own moral perfection. Thus, whatever He does is fair, even if we don’t understand it. Our response is to appeal directly to Him.



Source: Tyndale Life Application Bible

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"I have learnt to kiss the wave that strikes me against the Rock of Ages"

Source: Spurgeon

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The exciting of our graces will be the extinguishing of our corruptions; the more we follow that which is good the faster and the further we shall flee from that which is evil. Righteousness, and faith, and love, will be excellent antidotes against youthful lusts. Holy love will cure impure lust.

(source: Matthew Henry on 2 Timothy 2:22)

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I have learned to kiss the wave that strikes me against the Rock of Ages.

source: C.H. Spurgeon

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Hear God’s word, heeding all God’s warnings, trusting all God’s promises and obeying all God’s commands.

source: Philip Graham Ryken, Jeremiah, 36:1-32

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The emanation of divine love to us begins with the Father, is carried on by the Son, and then communicated by the Spirit; the Father designing, the Son purchasing, the Spirit effectually working: which is their order. Our participation is first by the work of the Spirit, to an actual interest in the blood of the Son; whence we have acceptance with the Father.

~ John Owen (Puritan 1600s) ~ from Of Communion With God

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The man who is trying to be a Christian is trying to hold on to something.

The man who is a Christian feels that he is being held by something. It has been put to him, it is there; it may even seem to be in spite of him, but it is there.

It is not what he is doing that matters to him; it is what has been done to him …"

source: Martyn Lloyd-Jones

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