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Four Priorities

Preaching: “because God’s power for building His people is in His Word, particularly as we find it in the Gospel.”

Prayer: “Prayer shows our dependence upon God… it reminds us that converting individuals and growing churches are His works, not ours.”

Personal Discipling Relationships: “The goal is to get to know them, and to love them in a distinctively Christian way by doing them good spiritually.  Initiate personal care and concern for others.”

Patience: “Accomplishing healthy change in churches for the glory of God and the clarity of the Gospel does not happen in the first year after the new pastor arrives…Patience in the pastorate requires thinking in terms of twenty, thirty, forty, or even fifty years of ministry.. Stay with them.  Keep teaching.  Keep modelling.  Keep loving.”

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What elements should we have in our church services?

Reading the gospel (1 Timothy 4:13)

Preaching the gospel (Romans 10:14)

Praying the gospel (1 Timothy 2:1)

Singing the gospel (Colossians 3:16)

Seeing the gospel (Baptism, Lord’s Table, Testimonies)

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