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Lord I am a person in desperate need of help today.

Lord I pray that in your grace you would send your helpers my way.

Lord I pray you would give me the humility to receive the help when it comes.

Source: Paul Tripp Ministries: In Need of Help

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Know humanity

Phillips Brooks:

“It is remarkable how many of the great preachers of the world are inseparably associated with the places where their work was done, where perhaps all their life was lived …

Certainly the long pastorates of other days were rich in the knowledge of human nature, in a very intimate relation with humanity.

These three rules seem to have in them the practical sum of the whole matter.  I beg you to remember them and apply them with all the wisdom that God gives you.

First. Have as few congregations as you can.

Second. Know your congregation as thoroughly as you can.

Third. Know your congregation so largely and deeply that in knowing it you shall know humanity.”

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