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It is utterly and absolutely impossible that the sentence of the Divine Judge should ever be revoked or reversed.

His sentence of justification results from and rests upon a complete satisfaction having been offered to His Law, and that in the fulfillment of a covenant engagement. Thus is effectually precluded the recall of the verdict.

The Father stipulated to release His elect from the curse of the law provided the Son would meet the claims of justice against them. The Son freely complied with His Father’s will: “Lo, I come.” He was now made under the law, fulfilled the law, and suffered the full penalty of the law; therefore shall He see of the travail of His soul and be satisfied.

Sooner shall the lightenings of omnipotence shiver the Rock of Ages than those sheltering in Him again be brought under condemnation.


Source: A.W. Pink, ‘The Doctrine of Justification – Its Results’ in Studies in the Scriptures December, 1934

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When overtaken by a fault, there is passionate relenting and bitter mourning. O my reader, do you know what it is to be melted before God, for you to be heartbroken with anguish over sinning against and grieving such a Savior? Ah, it is not the absence of sin, but the grieving over it which distinguishes the child of God from empty professors.

Source: Saving Faith: Its Evidences by A.W. Pink (1886-1952)

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The Christian’s sighs and groans are among his best evidences that he is regenerate.

Source: A.W. Pink, Studies on Saving Faith (Part IV – Assurances, 22. Dialogue 4 – Humble Heart’s Spirit’s Lifted)

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"Of himself, the fallen sinner can no more repent evangelically, believe in Christ savingly, come to Him effectually, than he can create a world. ‘With men it is impossible’ (Mk 10:27) rules out of court all special pleading for the power of man’s will. Nothing but a miracle of grace can lead to the saving of any sinner."

Source: A.W. Pink , Studies on Saving Faith, Part 2, Chapter 3 – Its Difficulty


"Whatever the details and steps of the work of redemption, all must be traced up to this original fountain, the sovereign grace and mercy of our God… The eternal, free, unchangeable, inexhaustible mercy of our God revealed through his dear Son Jesus Christ."

Source: Psalm LXVII, Edward Bickersteth

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A.W. Pink has written a classic on the Sovereignty of God. A friend of mine, Adam, asked me to make it available.

click here: The Sovereignty of God

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