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9781844742851 One of the books in my library is “From Eden to the New Jerusalem: Exploring God’s Plan for Life on Earth” by T. Desmond Alexander.

As suggested by the title ‘From Eden to the New Jerusalem’, this book shows how a number of Biblical theological themes are traced throughout the Bible. The contents page is reproduced below.

This is a really great book to buy! It can be bought online from Book Depository for $16.35 including postage (Australian dollars). This book will help anyone wanting to learn the Bible better.


1. Introduction

2. From sacred garden to holy city: experiencing the presence of God
The motif of temple
The temple-garden of Eden
The tabernacle
The Jerusalem temple
The church as temple

3. Thrown from the throne: re-establishing the sovereignty of God
The throne of God
Adam and Eve as God’s viceroys
The theocracy of Israel
The church and the kingdom of God

4. Dealing with the devil: destroying the source of evil
The dragon who is the devil and Satan
Ruler of this world
The ancient serpent
The kings of the earth
Satan defeated
Satan’s reign ended
Resisting the devil

5. The slaughter of the Lamb: accomplishing the redemption of creation
The Lamb
Christ, our Passover Lamb
The Passover in Exodus

6. Feasting from the tree of life: reinvigorating the lives of people from every nation
Holy people in the New Jerusalem
Holiness and wholeness
The tree of life
Ecological transformation
Social transformation

7. Strong foundations and solid walls: living securely among the people of God
Old and New Testaments united
Genuine hope
A tale of two cities

8. Conclusion

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