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Oh! happy day, when this toilsome warfare will all be ended, Jordan crossed, Canaan entered, the legion-enemies of the wilderness no longer dreaded; sorrow, sighing, death, and, worst of all, sin, no more either to be felt or feared!

Here is the terminating link in the golden chain of the everlasting covenant. It began with predestination; it ends with glorification. It began with sovereign grace in a by-past eternity, and no link will be awanting till the ransomed spirit be presented faultless before the throne! Grace and glory!

If the earnest be sweet, what must be the reality? If the wilderness table contain such rich provision, what must be the glories of the eternal banqueting house?

Source: John Ross Macduff, ‘The Faithful Promiser’

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Revelation 5 describes Jesus as “the Unfolder of the scroll, the majestic Expositor of the otherwise inscrutable counsels.”

John MacDuff Memories from Patmos, 1871.

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