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Who, oh Lord, could save themselves,
Their own soul could heal?
Our shame was deeper than the sea
Your grace is deeper still.



Who, oh Lord, could save themselves,
Their own soul could heal?
Our shame was deeper than the sea
Your grace is deeper still.

You alone can rescue
You alone can save
You alone can lift us from the grave
You came down to find us, led us out of death
To You alone belongs the highest praise

You O Lord have made a way
The great divide You healed
For when our hearts were far away
Your love went further still
Yes Your love goes further still

We lift up our eyes, lift up our eyes
You’re the giver of life

Matt Redman & Jonas Myrin Copyright (c) 2009 Thankyou Music/Said And Done Music & Jonas Myrin/SHOUT! Publishing/kingswaysongs.com http://www.mattredman.com/chordcharts.php

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(2Ki 1) Elijah’s calling down of fire to destroy those who attempt him harm is also evident in the Two Witnesses in Rev 11:5.

(2Ki 2:9) The Spirit and the prophetic ministry that was on Elijah comes not only upon Elisha but all God’s people in Acts 2.

(2Ki 2:11) Elijah’s rapture foreshadows our rapture. c.f. the rapture of the two witnesses in Rev 11:12.

(2 Ki 2:19-22) The healing of the waters of Jericho and removal of the curse through Elisha foreshadows the greater work of the Christ.

(2Ki 2:19-22) Unfruitfulness and death is replaced with life.

(2Ki 3:14) Elisha is a prophet who stands before the LORD in his royal court hearing his decrees. More so is Christ.

(2Ki 3:16) God, Israel’s savior, makes pools of living water in the wilderness. Isaiah will use this image of the NT Exodus Isa 41:18.

(2Ki 4:1-7) The life sustaining provision through Elisha’s & release from debt foreshadow the work of Christ c.f. Luk 4:18 & loaves/fishes.

(2Ki 4:32-37) Jesus repeats Elisha’s life-giving work of power in raising the dead. Jesus exceeds by acting n his own authority with a word.

(2Ki 4:38-41) Jesus in a greater way replaces death with life.

(2Ki 4:42-44) Jesus multiplies more loaves for more men. Jesus more so than Elisha is the man through whom God gives lief-giving power.

(2Ki 5) The healing of the leper Naaman will be exceeded by the multiple healings of lepers by the Christ.

(2Ki 5:10,13,14) The washing in the Jordan is to show cleansing comes from the God of Israel and submission to him. Similar to baptism.

(2Ki 5:17) Naaman’s coming to faith foreshadows a future ingathering of Gentiles to worship God of Israel in spirit & truth (not Jerusalem).

(2Ki 6:5-6) Elisha’s action prevents a man from facing debt & slavery. The Christ provides a redemption that releases from debt and slavery.

(2Ki 6:15) The angelic army of horses and chariots is at the disposal of the LORD’s Christ.

(2Ki 6:17-18) The opening & closing of eyes. Jesus’ ministry opens spiritually blind eyes while blinding eyes of those who claim to see.

(2Ki 7:1,16) In place of death (famine & war are covenant curses) God works life (abundance of crops & victory are covenant blessings).

(2Ki 8:19) God promises to preserve David’s house a lamp in order to preserve the messianic line.

(2Ki 9:27) The first act in a series of acts whereby the continuation of the House of David is threatened with extinction.

(2Ki 10:13-14) Two generations of David’s family are killed.

(2Ki 11:1-2) The next generation of David’s family are killed excepting one child.

(2Ki 11) God preserves a son of David who rebuilds temple & causes God’s people to worship the LORD. Joash is a foreshadowing of Christ.

(2Ki 13:14-18) God’s people find protection and victory through the prophetic word.

(2Ki 13:21) Elisha’s lifeless body in a tomb gave another life. So too Christ’s death brings life to many.

(2Ki 13:23) The LORD’s grace, compassion and remembrance of his covenant with Abraham is the basis of God’s saving acts toward his people.

(2Ki 15:29) Galilee is the first place to suffer the effects of death, destruction and exile. So too they will be first to see a great light

(2Ki 15:32) Kings of Israel come and fall but the LORD continues to preserve the House of David from which will come Israel’s messiah.

(2Ki 17) This chapter outlines the total depravity of Israel and the great judgment it incurs. Only the work of Christ will be able to save.

(2Ki 18:4) Hezekiah, son of David, foreshadows the work of Christ is destroying idolatry.

(2Ki 18:5-6) Hezekiah, son of David, foreshadows Christ in the way in which he trusts in the LORD God as well as in the way he obeys God.

(2Ki 19:15-19) Hezekiah, like Christ, offered prayers with cries & tears to God who could save from death. Heard because of his submission.

(2Ki 19:25-28) Assyria, those who killed Jesus and all agents opposed to God are instruments of his decrees and designs.

(2Ki 19:35) Foreshadow of the war of Har Megdon/Gog and Magog.

(2Ki 19:30-31) God preserves a remnant of Israel for himself by grace as he does for all nations c.f. Rom 11:5, Rev 7.

(2Ki 19:34; 20:6) God acts to save for the sake of his own glory and for the sake of his promises made to David.

(2Ki 21) The record of Manasseh and Amon in salvation-history is to increase a longing for the true son of David who is to come.

(2 Ki 22) Josiah restores God’s temple and pays attention to the word of the LORD. He foreshadows the obedient Christ who builds a temple.

(2Ki 23:2) King Josiah reading the Law to people urging them to obey points to Christ’s sermon on the mount as he teaches the Law to people.

(2Ki 23:4-20) Josiah, son of David, foreshadows the work of Christ is destroying idolatry and purifying the people of God.

(2Ki 23:25) No son of David like Josiah who turned to God with all his heart, soul and strength in obeying the LORD. None until the Christ.

(2Ki 24) Not Jehoahaz, not Jehoiakim, not Jehoachin, not Zedekiah … when will the Christ come?

(2 Ki 25:7) The kingdom of God ruled by house of David is shattered. Son of David is in chains & exiled, his sons killed. Is this the end?

(2Ki 25:27-30) A very small but faint hope. The line of the sons of David is not extinguished. The Christ will come and restore the kingdom.

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