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The Kingdom of God

The Kingdom promised

The kingdom is promised to Abraham, Isaac, Jacob and his sons.

The Kingdom prefigured

The kingdom is prefigured in God’s ruling over Israel in the land of Canaan from Joshua to the exile. The kingdom is especially prefigured in the reigns of David and Solomon.

The Kingdom foreshadowed

The kingdom is foreshadowed by the Old Testament prophets. The prophets describe the kingdom in terms of earthly covenant blessings described in Deuteronomy.

The Kingdom inaugurated (now)

The kingdom is inaugurated in the actions of Jesus e.g. driving out of demons, plundering the possessions of the strong man. The kingdom has an inaugurated expression in the church.

The Kingdom consummated (not yet)

The kingdom’s final consummation will occur at the second coming of Christ and the new heavens and earth.

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