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(Ps 1) Jesus is the man who walks in God’s ways, delighting in them, meditates on God’s word and is like a living tree.

(Ps 2) Jesus, son of God, is the anointed king against whom nations plot, who inherits nations & rules with iron scepter, in whom is refuge.

(Ps 3) Jesus, the righteous man, had many enemies say God would not save him. God raised him from sleep of death and defeated his enemies.

(Ps 4) Jesus in his righteousness called out to God who heard his cries and prayers and saved him from death.

(Ps 5) Jesus is the righteous man who asked God to lead him in his ways. He also intercedes for God’s people asking God to give them joy.

(Ps 6) Jesus is a man who suffers God’s judgment, whom God answered in delivering from the grave and who is vindicated before his enemies.

(Ps 7) Jesus is the righteous sufferer who trusts in God and calls out to him to deliver his life from enemies. He gives thanks and praises.

(Ps 8) Jesus is the son of man, made in the image of God, crowned with glory and honor and given dominion over all creation under his feet.

(Ps 9) These words on lips of Jesus show Christ as a man of praise, strengthening afflicted & declaring God’s righteous judging of nations.

(Ps 10) Christ shall call on his Father to judge the wicked for the sake of his holiness & save his oppressed and needy people in the earth.

(Ps 11) Christ is the righteous man who made the LORD his refuge and who sees his face.

(Psa 12) Jesus asks God to judge those who lie and boast with their lips and oppress his people while protecting his own vulnerable people.

(Psa 13) How long O LORD will you hide your face from me? This psalm, like Psa 22, could have been spoken by Christ on Cross. Ends in hope.

(Psa 14) Christ, the only one who does good & seeks God. He is God’s salvation that comes from Zion and makes his people joyful.

(Psa 15) Christ Jesus is the righteous man who may dwell on God’s holy hill, in his tent. In him is no wrong doing & he shall not be moved.

(Ps 16) Christ was not abandoned to Sheol, nor did his body see decay. God made known to him the path of life. Christ has joys & pleasures.

(Ps 17) Christ is the righteous man, opposed by enemies, kept in the shadows of God’s wing, who awakes and is satisfied with God’s likeness.

(Ps 18) Christ trusted God when cords of death encompassed him. God saved him because he delighted in him. Christ made head of the nations.

(Ps 19) As Christ delighted in God’s law so also the gospel declares God’s glory in all the earth. The gospel is perfect, life giving, true.

(Ps 20) This psalm could be understood as the blessings received by Christ. Could also be understood as Christ’s intercession for his people

(Ps 21) Christ, trusted God, is crowned by God, has been given his heart’s desire, life, eternal blessings & glory and has great joy in God.

(Psa 22) Christ – forsaken, mocked, adopted, poured out, pierced hands & feet, divided garments, cast lots, life delivered, nations praise.

(Psa 23) Christ is the good shepherd who gives life to his sheep and prepares a table for them joyfully in God’s presence forever.

(Psa 24) Christ may ascend the hill of the LORD and stand in his holy place. He has clean hands & pure heart. He is also the King of Glory.

(Psa 25) A prayer of a sinner to Christ.

(Psa 26) Christ walked in integrity, trusted without wavering, steadfast love before eyes & walked in faithfulness, declared God’s praise.

(Psa 27) Christ trusted the LORD, dwells in God’s presence, has joy, sought after God, taught of God, restored to the land of the living.

(Psa 28) Christ is the godly man who call out to God to deliver him. God is Christ’s strength, shield, help, saving refuge and praise.

(Psa 29) Christ is the voice of God gloriously powerful like the thunder & lightning in a storm over ruling over the waters.

(Psa 30) God raised Christ from Sheol replacing the weeping that tarried for a night with the joy that comes in the morning.

(Psa 31) Christ is the man of faith in God who said, "Into your hand I commit my spirit". He knew God as a faithful redeemer from the grave.

(Psa 32) This psalm for forgiveness of sin can only be prayed because of the work of Christ.

(Psa 33) Christ is the psalmist who calls God’s people to praise. He models praise in terms of creation and calls for people to trust.

(Psa 34) Christ the blessed man who takes refuge in God, the righteous man delivered out of many afflictions, not one of his bones broken.

(Psa 35) Christ is the righteous man who is falsely accused and mocked. God vindicates him and delights in the well-being of his servant.

(Psa 36) Christ leads his people in this prayer to God about the character of the wicked & the life of the righteous to God’s glory & praise

(Psa 37) Christ is the righteous meek man who inherits the whole earth. His mouth utters wisdom concerning the righteous and the wicked.

(Psa 38) Christ suffered for our sins so that the suffering described in this psalm could be taken away.

(Psa 39) Christ makes it possible for his people to live out this psalm – resisting sin, being forgiven and having wrath removed.

(Psa 40) Christ trusted God to raise him from pit. Christ sings a new song of praise to God in congregation. Christ was willingly obedient.

(Psa 41) Christ loved poor, was betrayed by close friend who broke bread together, was delivered in day of trouble, was raised up to life.

(Psa 42) Christ thirsted after God, was taunted with ‘where is your God’, put his hope in God & again praised God his Savior.

(Psa 43) Christ hoped in God. He again praised his Father, his salvation and his God. Christ entered into God’s presence.

(Psa 44) Christ is both the divine & human participants in the Psa. He is "my King & my God" & like the sheep to be slaughtered who trusts.

(Psa 45) Your throne O God/Christ is forever. God, your God has anointed you with oil of gladness. Christ the king and his bride.

(Psa 46) Strength & refuge in Christ, creation disintegrates, New Jerusalem, river of life, Christ alone exalted in all the earth.

(Psa 47) Christ is the Most High, Great King over all the earth who has ascended and is worthy of joyful praise by all nations.

(Psa 48) Great is Christ and greatly to be praised in the city of our God! His holy mountain, Mount Zion, the city of the great King.

(Psa 49) Christ is the wise man who taught in proverbs and parables. God ransomed his soul from the power of Sheol and received him.

(Psa 50) Christ is the one who ordered his way rightly to whom God showed his salvation.

(Psa 51) Christ at the cross makes it possible to pray: Have mercy on me, O God … Create in me a clean heart … take not your Spirit …

(Psa 52) The suffering Son of David will have life and his enemies will be judged.

(Psa 53) Christ is the one exception who does good & understands. Did not fall away or become corrupt. He is salvation that comes from Zion.

(Psa 54) God was Christ’s helper and the upholder of his life.

(Psa 55) Betrayal by a friend c.f Christ who shared sweet fellowship with Judas who betrayed & then faced judgment. Christ sustained by God.

(Psa 56) Christ praised God’s word, trusted in him, his tears seen by God, his soul delivered from death, walking with God in light of life.

(Ps 57) This psalm can be used by Christ in leading God’s people in praise of God’s steadfast love and faithfulness.

(Ps 58) Christ shall bathe his feet in the blood of the wicked.

(Ps 59) Christ shall have his vengeance over his enemies -the Pharisees, Sadducees, scribes, Romans, Jews, Gentiles -over all God’s enemies.

(Psa 60) On Christ came the quaking of the land under God’s wrath but he in victory triumphed over Moab, Edom & Philistia.

(Psa 61) Christ found refuge under God’s wings, dwells in the tent of God, has an inheritance, is enthroned forever, loved by God.

(Psa 62) Christ trusted in God for saving. He knew God to be both powerful and loving.

(Psa 63) Christ thirsted after God in the wilderness of this world. He beheld God’s power & glory. Soul satisfied with life. Clinged to God.

(Psa 64) Christ is the righteous one who rejoices in the LORD and takes refuge in him for deliverance.

(Psa 65) Christ atoned for transgressions, brought all the nations into God’s presence, calmed the storm & the seas, gave life-giving water.

(Psa 66) The kind of psalm people sang when they came to the temple to offer a sacrifice. How Great is Our God. Christ leading in praise.

(Psa 67) In Christ God is gracious and causes his face to shine upon us. His salvation for all nations that they might fear and praise him.

(Psa 68) Christ ascended victoriously on high, leading a host of captives in his train and receiving gifts among men.

(Psa 69) Zeal for God’s house consumed Christ, and the reproaches of those who reproach God fell on him. They gave him sour wine to drink.

(Psa 70) Christ was poor and needy but God hastened to him. God was his help and his deliverer. The LORD did not delay!

(Psa 71) Christ is the righteous man, delivered by God who leads the assembly in thankful praise.

(Psa 72) Christ the Son of David, just & righteous in deeds, like refreshing rain, all peoples to bring tribute, all nations blessed in him.

(Psa 73) Christ holds his people, guides them with counsel, is their strength and portion, raises into glory. Christ shall judge the wicked.

(Ps 74) In Christ, God directed his steps to the perpetual ruins of the temple. He drew near to a people who lived as though still in exile.

(Psa 75) Christ cuts off the horns of wicked while raising up the horns of righteous. He is judge of all the earth. He holds cup of wrath.

(Psa 76) Christ is the victorious warrior who resides among his people. The heavens, earth and kings of the earth shall fear him.

(Ps 77) Christ redeems with mighty deeds of power. Christ walked a path through mighty waters and storm. Christ the shepherd who leads.

(Psa 79) Christ is the greater Asaph who spoke parables to teach God’s people. Christ is the greater David through whom God saves his people

(Psa 80) Christ is GOD, the Shepherd of Israel who is enthroned upon the cherubim and saves his people AND the MAN of God’s right hand.

(Psa 81) Christ redeems his people from slavery. If his people trust then they will have their mouths filled with life-giving sustenance.

(Psa 82) Christ is the Son-of-God/King who acts righteously for the weak and fatherless, delivering them and inheriting all nations.

(Psa 83) The nations gather against Christ but he shall devour them with fire. A foreshadowing of Har Mageddon.

(Psa 84) Christ is the man who dwells in God’s house with yearning and zeal. He causes others to realise their pilgrimage.

(Psa 85) Christ forgives, covers sin, removes wrath, shows steadfast love, grants salvation, speaks peace, makes glorious, is righteous.

(Psa 86) In day of trouble Christ, the poor son of God’s maidservant called God to deliver his life from Sheol. He trusted & was answered.

(Ps 87) Christ makes those born in Rahab, Babylon, Philistia, Tyre and Cush to be part of the New Jerusalem.

(Psa 88) Christ’s afflictions, his being abandoned by God and friends, his cry for deliverance from death, a psalm of suffering and pain.

(Psa 89) Christ is the heir to the promises of sonship and kingdom made to David. He too was cast off and experienced God’s full of wrath.

(Psa 90) Christ and the resurrection is the answer to the Psalmist’s longing as he numbers his few days of trouble.

(Psa 91) Angels commanded to guard Christ lest foot strike stone. Christ treads the serpent. Christ faithful in love. Protected. Long life.

(Psa 92) Christ sung this psalm on sabbath. Christ – exalted horn of wild ox, anointed with fresh oil, a green tree growing in the temple.

(Psa 93) Christ reigns, robed in majesty, wears a belt of strength, rules over the flood waters of opposition to God’s rule.

(Psa 94) Christ is the help of his people, he judges his enemies and preserves the life of his people.

(Psa 95) Christ is the creator and sustainer of the universe. Christ is the shepherd of the sheep. Christ gives his people sabbath rest.

(Psa 96) Christ is the new song of God’s glory declared among the nations, turning the peoples from idols. He judges in righteousness.

(Psa 97) Christ’s rule brings joy to the coastlands. All people will see his glory. He is awesome -darkness, fire, lightning, mountains melt

(Psa 98) In Christ, the LORD has made known his salvation and revealed his righteousness in the sight of the nations.

(Psa 99) Christ is the LORD who reigns. Christ is prophet, priest and king.

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