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“No creature can see or understand God as he is and as he speaks in himself. Revelation therefore is always an act of grace; in it God condescends to meet his creature … All revelation is anthropomorphic, a kind of humanization of God.

… In [general] revelation his divine and eternal thoughts have been deposited in creatures in a creaturely way so that they can be understood by human thought processes.

And in [specific] revelation he binds himself to space and time, adopts human language and speech, and makes use of creaturely means …

God makes his presence felt, his voice heard, and his works seen. From the beginning, by theophanies, word, and deed, God made himself known to people.”

source: Bavinck, Herman. Reformed Dogmatics. Vol. 1: Prolegomena (General Revelation – All Revelation is Supernatural) page 310

Reminds me of an earlier post – God’s lisp

God is often described in the Bible using anthropomorphisms. For example although God is Spirit, the Bible attributes to Him arms, hands, and fingers. John Calvin said that God is so far beyond us that he must lisp to communicate with us through such examples.

For who even of slight intelligence does not understand that …

God is wont in a measure to “lisp” in speaking to us?

Thus such forms of speaking

do not so much express clearly what God is like

as accommodate the knowledge of him to our slight capacity.

To do this he must descend far beneath his loftiness.”

source: John Calvin, Institutes of the Christian Religion, Book I:13:1.

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