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Man ruined, wholly ruined, hopelessly helplessly, eternally ruined!

Man regenerated by the Spirit of God, and by the Spirit of God alone wholly made a new creature in Christ!

Man redeemed, redeemed by precious blood from all his sins, not by works of righteousness, not by deeds of the law, not by ceremonies, prayers, or resolutions, but by the precious blood of Christ!

source: Charles Spurgeon, ‘Natural or Spiritual’ NO. 407

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I find the evangelistic talk by Jesus in John 3 interesting because it answers the question ‘how can I be saved?’ not with ‘you need to make a choice’, but rather with ‘you need to be regenerated by God’s Spirit’.

Questioner: How do I enter God’s kingdom?

Answer: A person cannot be saved unless they are born from above.

Questioner: How is a person born from above?

Answer: To be born from above is to be regenerated through cleansing and the work of God’s Spirit.

Questioner: How does that happen?

Answer: The Spirit works as he pleases in ways unseen.

Questioner: I’m not a Christian. How do I know if I am one of those people who will be saved?

Answer: If you have any sense of your thoughts changing toward God or any stirrings in your feelings or any inclination toward God or toward learning more then these may be the work of God’s Spirit in you and I urge you to respond in repentance and faith.

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“Repentance is that mighty change in mind, heart and life, wrought by the Spirit of God.”

source: Richard Trench, Archbishop of Dublin.

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Abiding in Christ means allowing His Word to:

  • fill our minds,
  • direct our wills,
  • and transform our affections.

source: Sinclair Ferguson ‘’Our Union with Christ’ from In Christ Alone: Living the Gospel-Centered Life

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I read the following on Saturday night and found it very encouraging and helpful.


Many years ago, I witnessed revival in its most microcosmic form in a sudden, unexpected, and remarkable work of God’s Spirit on a friend. The work was so dramatic, the effect so radical, that news of it spread quickly to different parts of the country. People were asking, “Just what exactly happened?”

Five things seemed to have happened, and they were still fresh in the memory two and a half decades later:

1. A painful exposure of the particular sin of unbelief occurred. Listening to preaching was a staple of my friend’s spiritual diet, but what came with overpowering force was a sense that God’s Word had actually been despised inwardly. God’s own Word, preaching in the power of the Spirit, stripped away the mask of inner pride and outward reputation for spirituality. There was a fearful exposure of sin.

2. A powerful desire arose to be free from all sin. A new affection came, as if unbidden, into the heart. Indeed, a desire seemed to be given actually to have sin increasingly revealed and exposed in order that it might be confessed, pardoned, and cleansed. Disturbing though it was, there was a sweetness of grace in the pain.

3. The love of Christ now seemed marvelous beyond measure. A love for Him flowed from a heart that could not get enough of Christ, ransacking Scripture to discover more and more about Him.

4. A new love for God’s Word was born—for reading it, for hearing it expounded and applied, and especially for knowing every expression of God’s will, so that it might be obeyed.

5. A compassionate love for others now flowed. It came from this double sense of sin and need on the one hand and grace and forgiveness on the other. Christian witness ceased to be a burden and became the expression of Spirit-wrought and powerful new affections.

source: Sinclair Ferguson ‘One Night Only’ from In Christ Alone: Living the Gospel-Centered Life

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The Christian’s sighs and groans are among his best evidences that he is regenerate.

Source: A.W. Pink, Studies on Saving Faith (Part IV – Assurances, 22. Dialogue 4 – Humble Heart’s Spirit’s Lifted)

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"Faith does not proceed from ourselves, but is the fruit of spiritual regeneration."

source: John Calvin

Did the world come into existence apart from the work of the Holy Spirit? If His work was essential in the creation of the world, what good reason do we have to believe that His work is not needed in the recreation of sinners?

"Though it be said that faith cometh by hearing, yet it is the Spirit that worketh faith in the heart through hearing, or else they are not profited by hearing."

source: John Bunyan


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