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"Faith does not proceed from ourselves, but is the fruit of spiritual regeneration."

source: John Calvin

Did the world come into existence apart from the work of the Holy Spirit? If His work was essential in the creation of the world, what good reason do we have to believe that His work is not needed in the recreation of sinners?

"Though it be said that faith cometh by hearing, yet it is the Spirit that worketh faith in the heart through hearing, or else they are not profited by hearing."

source: John Bunyan


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The Bible teaches that regeneration and faith are temporally simultaneous, but regeneration logically precedes faith.

No time passes between the new birth and faith. There is no possibility of someone being born again but not having faith yet.

But they are logically distinct – new birth logically, not temporally, comes before faith.

Does a baby have life and then breathe, or does he breathe and thereby have life?

It’s really impossible to separate temporally. Breathing is the definition of being alive. So temporally we don’t separate the two. But logically, do you breathe and then become alive? No. Because before you do anything you have to be alive.

Our faith in Christ does not effect (or cause, or bring about) our regeneration. Believing is the result of our regeneration, which is granted by the Father through the ministry of the Holy Spirit.

Original Source: http://mriccardi.blogspot.com/2009/10/regeneration-and-faith-temporally.html

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