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The kingdom of our Lord in the heart, and in the world, is frequently compared to a building or house, of which he himself is both the foundation and the architect. (Isa 28:16; Isa 54:11–12) A building advances by degrees, (1Co 3:9, Eph 2:20–22) and while it is in an unfinished state, a stranger cannot, by viewing its present appearance, form an accurate judgement of the design, and what the whole will be when completed. For a time, the walls are of unequal height, it is disfigured by rubbish, which at the proper season will be taken away; and by scaffolding, which, though useful for carrying on the building, does not properly belong to it, but will likewise be removed when the present temporary service is answered. But the architect himself proceeds according to a determinate plan, and his idea of the whole work is perfect from the beginning. It is thus the Lord views his people in the present life. He has begun a good work in them, but as yet every part of it is imperfect and unfinished; and there are not only defects to be supplied, but deformities and encumbrances that must be removed. Many of the dispensations and exercises which contribute to form their religious character, do not properly belong to that work which is to abide, though they have a subservience to promote it. When that which is perfect is come, the rest shall be done away.

John Newton, Handel’s Messiah – Sermon 37 The Extent of Messiah’s Spiritual Kingdom the Extent of Messiah’s Spiritual Kingdom

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