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If people judge us falsely then we may know that God will act according to his righteousness such that he will vindicate us for the sake of his glory. Thus the scorn of man contributes to our glorious vindication. In not acting for one’s own vindication, the following is affirmed:

In not acting I humble myself by listening to the wisdom of God-given people, demonstrating a submissive spirit while giving genuine thanks to God for these advisors.

In not acting I commit myself to God’s judgment rather than the options of men. I trust him to vindicate in ways better than I could bring about as he has so many times before. In this way I acknowledge his past acts of vindication and by faith await his grace.

In not acting I affirm the gospel that Jesus died for the sins of those who harmed me and they are forgiven in his name. The wrongness of the actions of others is satisfied in God’s justice at the cross and therefore I too am to be satisfied with God’s justice.

In not acting I acknowledge and confess my sin, knowing that I am unable to act simply for justice but that intermingled is the glorification of my ego.

In not acting I die to self in some way.

In not acting it reflects strength and not only weakness.

In not acting I accept the humiliation and discipline of my Heavenly Father without grumbling or complaining.

In not acting I call on God to look upon my humble state and in his timing raise me from the ash heap. In not acting I pray the Psalms.

In not acting I affirm the glory of God as my greater desire.

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