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Union with Christ

Decreetal Union (Ephesians 1:4) – Union with Christ in election before the creation of the world in past ages eternal.

Redemptive-Historical Union (Romans 6:1-11) – Union with Christ in His death, burial and resurrection.

Experiential Union (Romans 16:7) – Union with Christ by faith in time and for future ages eternal.

James S. Stewart wrote that “union with Christ, rather than justification or election or eschatology, or indeed any of the other great apostolic themes, is the real clue to an understanding of Paul’s thought and experience” (A Man in Christ [Harper & Bros., 1955], vii).

John Murray wrote that “union with Christ is . . . the central truth of the whole doctrine of salvation. . . . It is not simply a phase of the application of redemption; it underlies every aspect of redemption” (Redemption—Accomplished and Applied [Eerdmans, 1955], pp. 201, 205).

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Imaging Christ

You particularly image Christ by looking out for the well-being of those God has placed within your care. – David Powlison

Do my children look to the way I lead my wife and the way I lead them and see a reflection of the love of Christ?

Do the men and women of Church see me leading them and learn that Christ labors for them in prayer, that he longs for them to know the Father through the Word?

Source: Imaging Christ | Challies Dot Com http://www.challies.com/christian-living/imaging-christ

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Men are pursuers. Women are responders.  Because gender is a picture of the gospel. God’s “role assignments” for men and women are a living picture of Christ’s pursuit and provision of us, the church, his bride. … females, are designed to be responders. Not as punishment for being less skilled or weak, but because this is how Jesus asks us to glorify him. Your Savior is asking you to be the responder … in your marriage, in your church – so that His redemptive salvation is declared to the world.

source: http://www.girlsgonewise.com/me-tarzan-you-jane/

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