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Things to read one day on God’s sovereignty and human will

Part I: The Will and Affections are in Bondage to Sin

A Treatise on Grace and Free Will by St. Augustine
Grace Creates a Truly Free Will
by St. Augustine
Short Excerpt From Packer’s Intro to Luther’s Bondage of the Will
by J. I. Packer
Key Quotes from "The Bondage of the Will"
by Martin Luther
Bondage of the Will
by Martin Luther (Book)
Man Now Deprived of Freedom of the Will, and Miserably Enslaved
by John Calvin
Freedom of the Will
by Jonathan Edwards (Book)
Augustine & The Pelagian Controversy
by B. B. Warfield
Pelagianism, Semi-Pelagianism & Augustinianism
by A. A. Hodge
Law and Grace
by John Murray
Free Will and Merit Fairly Examined
by Augustus Toplady
Man’s Free Will or Impotency and the Punishment Due Upon Sin
by Wilhelmus à Brakel
Free Will – A Slave
by C. H. Spurgeon
Human Inability
by C. H. Spurgeon
God’s Will and Man’s Will
by C. H. Spurgeon
Adam’s Fall and Free-Will
by R. L. Dabney
God Sovereign and Man Free: or the Doctrine of Divine Foreordination and Man’s Free Agency, Stated, Illustrated, and Proved from the Scriptures
by N.L. Rice, D.D. (book)
Arminianism Restrictive of Divine Free Agency
by Rev. Samuel J. Cassells
Free Will
by A. A. Hodge
Arminianism: The Golden Idol of Free Will
by Augustus Toplady
The Arminian Theory of Redemption
by R. L Dabney
The Theology of the Reformation
by B. B. Warfield
The Doctrine of Man’s Impotence
by A. W. Pink (book)


Part II: God’s Sovereignty and Free Will

God’s Sovereignty and the Human Will by A.W. Pink
God’s Foreknowledge and Free Will
by Stephen Charnock
Is Predestination Inconsistent With the Free Agency And Moral Responsibility of Man?
by Loraine Boettner
The Potter and the Clay
by George Whitefield
God’s Sovereignty and Human Responsibility
by John Murray
God’s Will and Man’s Will
by Horatius Bonar
Grace Does Not Destroy Free Agency
by R. L. Dabney
Of The Freedom of the Will of Man
by John Gill
How Can God be Sovereign and Man Still be Free?
by John Hendryx



Arguments in Support of Free Will Refuted by John Calvin
Eleven (11) Reasons to Reject Libertarian Free Will
by John Hendryx
Does Forseen Faith Allow for Libertarian Free Will?
by John Hendryx
Bible Logic Fallacies of Synergism & Libertarian Free Will Theism
by John Hendryx & Roger Smalling
Does God Have A Libertarian Free Will?
by John Hendryx
The Gospel: Offer or Command?
by John Hendryx
Free Will in Philemon 1:14
by John Hendryx
Question on The State of Man’s Will Before the Fall
by John Hendryx
Free Will, Election & Foreknowledge

If Divine Election is True, and Man has No Free Will, Then What Need is There to Preach the Gospel? by John Hendryx
Conversation with a Synergist on Free Will
by John Hendryx
Responsibility, Inability and Grace (Chart)
by John Hendryx
Is the Will Free by Nature or by Grace?
by John Hendryx
Does the Title"The Need for Grace Does Away With Free Will Altogether" Overstate the Case? by John Hendryx

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