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Imagine redemptive history as a river flowing toward the ocean (the kingdom of God). The closer one comes to the mouth of the river the more one senses the ocean pressing up into the river with its salt water, a mingling of fresh water and salt water.

With Jesus’ arrival, the kingdom of God has pressed its way back up into the river of time a short way. It has surprised the travellers and taken them off guard. They can smell the salt water. They can taste the salt water. The sea gulls circle the deck. The end has come upon them.

With the coming of Jesus, the ocean of the age to come has reached backward up the stream of history to welcome us, to wake us up to what is coming, to lure us on into the deep.

Source: Adapted from John Piper http://www.desiringgod.org/ResourceLibrary/Sermons/ByOccasion/2/326_Christmas_as_the_End_of_History/

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Grace is in no sense contingent upon or dependent upon what man does.

Source: D. M. Lloyd Jones

No repentance, obedience, self-denial, prayers, tears, reformation or ordinances, without the new creation, avail any thing to the salvation of thy soul.

Source: John Flavel

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