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(Rev 1-22) See notes from last time. I’ll add things here that I didn’t include last time.

(Rev 1:18) Jesus holds the keys of death and Hades i.e. has authority over.

(Rev 2:1) Jesus walking among the lamp stands recalls his walking among the myrtles in Zec 1:8-10 (second reference top Zechariah so far).

(Rev 2:7) Good to read of Eden’s tree of life again … it has been a long time.

(Rev 2:10) 10 days of tribulation contrasts with 10x10x10 years of reigning with Christ.

(Rev 2:11) Not be hurt by second death – lots of links between Rev 2-3 and Rev 20 – not insignificant for interpretation.

(Rev 2:13) Antipas who lived in Pergamum is called a faithful witness i.e. described in terms similar to the two witnesses in Rev 11.

(Rev 2:14,20) Watch out for Balaams and Jezebels – both encouraged sexual immorality and idolatry.

(Rev 2:26-27) The promises of ruling over the earth forever made to David in Psalm 2 is now made available for all Christians in Christ.

(Rev 2:28) The morning star!

(Rev 3:4) … not soiled clothes, dressed in white … c.f. Joshua the High Priest in Zec 3.

(Rev 3:7-8) Another key – the key of David held by Christ.

(Rev 3:9) Early in the book John tells us that being Jewish is not simply about biology but rather faith in Jesus.

(Rev 3:9) This is similar to John’s gospel when Jesus says to the Jews that Abraham is not their father because they do not believe in Jesus

(Rev 3:14)Jesus is the faithful and true witness c.f. Antipas and the two witnesses in Rev 11 i.e. they are witnesses like Jesus.

(Rev 4:1) Doors are mentioned a lot c.f. Rev 3:7-8; 3:20.

(Rev 4) Typical of OT language describing theophanies. The description of the cherubim is similar to Eze 1 and Isa 6.

(Rev 4) The 24 elders are described as priest-kings. 24 recalls the 24 divisions that served in Solomon’s temple as recorded in 1 Chronicles

(Rev 5:1) A scroll with writing on both sides recalls Zec 5:1-4.

(Rev 5:2-5) Opening the scroll is symbolic of being powerful enough to implement the purposes described in the scroll.

(Rev 5) OT concepts – Lion of Judah, Root of David, sacrificial lamb, temple bowls of incense, redemption, harps used in psalms.

(Rev 6) The four horsemen of the apocalypse recall Zec 1. Judgments of war, famine, disease, earthquakes are classic OT prophetic judgments.

(Rev 6:12-17) c.f. Isa 34:4; Jos_10:16-17; Isa 13:9-10; 24:23; 60:19-20; Eze 32:7-8; Joe 2:10; 2:30-31; 3:15; Amo 8:9; Hag 2:6-7; 2:21-22.

(Rev 7:3) The seal is God’s name i.e. they belong to him. Christians are sealed in this way according to Rev 3:12; 14:1; 22:4.

(Rev 7:15) Compare with Isa 4:5-6 to see how Revelation applies OT prophecy.

(Rev 7:16) Compare with Isa 49:10.

(Rev 8:1) Silence in preparation for judgment c.f. Hab 2:20.

(Rev 8-9) So many phrases of judgment come from the OT prophets. e.g. Locusts and Joel 1-2; Euphrates army and Assyrian/Babylonian invasions

(Rev 10) The description of the mighty angel and the eating of the scroll is taken from the OT e.g. Eze 2:8-10; 3:1-3.

(Rev 11:1-2) These verses are easily applied to the Church because Rev 3:12 has already identified believers as pillars in the temple …

(Rev 11:1-2) … on two occasions already believers have been associated with the altar Rev 6:9. …

(Rev 11:1-2) … later believers are identified as the holy city, new Jerusalem (the bride). Revelation interprets many of its own symbols.

(Rev 11:2) "the holy city" – phrase is used 4 times and 3 in Rev 21-22. Holy City is the people of God even as Babylon is the world.

(Rev 11:2-3) Classic OT numbers used of tribulation. Revelation only speaks 3.5 years never 7 years.

(Rev 11:11-12) This is the rapture (and the only rapture mentioned in Revelation)!

(Rev 12) Satan as a dragon similar to Leviathan in OT.

(Rev 12:10) ‘Satan’ means ‘accuser’ like in the cases of Job and Joshua the High Priest c.f. Job 1-2; Zec 3.

(Rev 13) The description of the beasts come from the book of Daniel.

(Rev 13:8) Election – written in the Lamb;s book of life before creation.

(Rev 14:14-20) Sickle, harvest, wine press, judgment c.f. Joel 3:13.

(Rev 16:12-16) God is sovereign over the armies that gather and the deceiving spirits.

(Rev 16:19) God gives Babylon the cup filled with wine of the fury of wrath – all the language is OT prophetic but applied to whole earth.

(Rev 16:19-21) c.f.. Isa 49:26; 51:17-23; Jer 25:15-16; Isa 2:14-17; Jer 4:23-25; Exo 9:23-26; Jos 10:11; Isa 30:30; Eze 13:11-13; 38:21-22.

(Rev 17:8) Election – names written in Lamb’s book of life from the creation of the world.

(Rev 19:11-16) Names – ‘Faithful and True’, ‘an unknown written name, ‘The Word of God’, a written name ‘King of kings and Lord of lords’.

(Rev 19:17-19,21) Armageddon = Gog and Magog = Rev 16:12-14,18-21. All three descriptions use Eze 38-39 to describe the battle then new Zion

(Rev 20:2) The ancient serpent of Genesis 3.

(Rev 20:2) Satan shut up in the pit c.f. Isa 24:21-22.

(Rev 20:15) Second death if name is not in the book of life. Those who experience first resurrection do not experience the second death.

(Rev 20:15) Very little is said of the eternal state of unbelievers i.e. second death = lake of fire. much is said of new earth.

(Rev 21:1-2) New heaven, new earth, new Jerusalem c.f. Isa 65:17.

(Rev 21:3) God to tabernacle with his people and dwell with them c.f. Lev 26:11-12.

(Rev 21:4) No more tears or death c.f. Isa 25:8; 65:19.

(Rev 21:6) The spring f the water of life c.f. Joel 3:18.

(Rev 21:1-8) The predictions of OT prophets are applied to new heaven and earth.

(Rev 21:10) The focus of prophecy is the new Jerusalem that comes from heaven not built by human hands.

(Rev 21:11) Beautiful – glory of God, radiance like jewel, jasper, clear as crystal.

(Rev 21:11-14) New Jerusalem has 12 gates named after tribes & 12 foundations named after apostles i.e. both OT and NT people of God as one.

(Rev 21:19-20) Beautiful jewels – same as described in Eden and as on the OT high priest’s breast piece.

(Rev 21:19-20) High priest’s stones had names of tribes symbolically bringing people into God’s presence in Holy of Holies. NJ is both.

(Rev 21:21) There are twelve pearly gates.

(Rev 21:19-20) New Jerusalem made of precious jewels fulfills Isa 54:12.

(Rev 21:23) New Jerusalem having no sun or moon but God as light fulfills Isa 60:19-20.

(Rev 21:24-25) Nations bringing their wealth in and gates being always opened fulfills Isa 60:11.

(Rev 22:1-2) River of the water of life flows from the throne c.f Gen 2:10; Eze 47:1; Zec 14:8. Tree of life, leaves heal Gen 2:9; Eze 47:12

(Rev 21-22) OT prophecies fulfilled in new creation!!!!

(Rev 22:4) Name on foreheads c.f. said of one of the 7 churches & of 144000 i.e God’s people of both testaments, Jew and Gentile one people.

(Rev 22:10) Don’t seal up the prophecy – Daniel in Dan 12:4,9 was told to seal up the prophecy but now disclosed in Christ and near.

(Rev 22:10) In Dan 12:4,9 the prophecy was sealed up UNTIL the End. In NT the End has already begun i.e. last days.

(Rev 22:15) There won’t really be unclean rebel sinners outside the gates – the image is simply one of exclusion.

(Rev 22:16) Jesus is the root and the descendant of David, the bright morning star – almost the end of the Bible and still pointing to OT.

(Rev 22:20) Amen. Come, Lord Jesus! I have never so much desired this as I do now.

(Rev 22:21) The grace of the Lord Jesus be with all and with you. Amen.

(Rev 22:21) Thank you Lord for preserving me in grace this year & not taking your Word from my heart or mouth. I long for your new creation.

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