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Happy were it, if puzzled and perplexed Christians would turn their eyes from the defects that are in their obedience, to the fulness and completeness of Christ’s obedience; and see themselves complete in him, when most lame and defective in themselves.

Source: John Flavel, ‘Opens the Covenant of Redemption betwixt the Father and the Redeemer’. John Flavel (1628-1691) was the son of a Puritan minister who died in prison for non-conformity.


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Romans 7–commentators

"Whatever else, this passage does not describe a struggle within the believer between his or her flesh and the Spirit but rather describes what it is like to be under the Law and in the clutches of sin and the flesh … The absence of the Spirit in this picture affirms that Paul is not describing life under the New Covenant."

(Gordon Fee, God’s Empowering Presence, p. 513)

"I do not then deny that Christians struggle with sin – I deny only that this passage describes that struggle. For while the believer continues to be influenced by both ‘realms’, Paul makes it clear he belongs to the new realm."

(Douglas Moo, Romans, p. 449)

"My own view is that Paul’s purpose in the text is not to delineate whether believers or unbelievers are the subject of the discussion. His purpose is to communicate the inability of the law to transform human beings."

(Thomas Schreiner, Romans)

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