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(Col 1:2) Christians are saints. OT description for Israel.

(Col 1:12)The inheritance of the saints is an OT concept now possessed by God’s people in Christ.

(Col 1:13) The kingdom of God was foreshadowed in the OT.

(Col 1:14) Redemption is an OT salvation concept fulfilled in Jesus.

(Col 1:15) Jesus is the ultimate Adam – image of the invisible God and heir of all creation. c.f. Gen 1:28.

(Col 1:16-17) Jesus is the creator and sustainer of all things c.f. Gen 1.

(Col 1:18) Jesus has begun the eschatological resurrection.

(Col 1:20) Jesus is a propitiatory sacrifice for sin fulfilling the OT shadows.

(Col 1:23) The gospel hope proclaimed in all creation under heaven c.f. Isaiah 40-66.

(Col 1:26-27) Revelation is the result of God’s choosing to reveal to his saints.

(Col 2:11-13) OT circumcision fulfilled in the circumcision made without hands achieved by the circumcision of Christ.

(Col 2:14) The curse of the law code against us has been nailed to the cross.

(Col 2:16-17) OT food laws and festivals were shadows of things to come. Substance is in Christ.

(Col 3:4) Eschatology – when Christ appears we will appear with him in glory.

(Col 3:5,8) Put to death things commanded against by law of Moses – sexual immorality, impurity, evil desire, covetousness, idolatry & more.

(Col 3:9-10) We have taken off the old person we were in Adam and put on new identity in Christ. Being renewed in God’s image c.f. Gen 1:28.

(Col 3:11) OT division between Jews and Gentiles has been removed in Christ.

(Col 3:12) OT description used of believers i.e. God’s chosen ones, holy and loved.

(Col 3:16) Christians sing OT Psalms.

(Col 3:20) Children obey your parents – OT law not abolished.

(Col 3:24) Inheritance – OT language.

(Phm 1:5,7) Saints – OT description of God’s people.

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