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Philippians and OT

(Php 1:1) Christians are God’s holy people – OT designation for the people of God.

(Php 1:12-18) Sovereignty – Paul’s imprisonment & the designs of enemies work in God’s providence to further the gospel e.g. imperial guard.

(Php 2:10-11) At name of Jesus every knee bow, in heaven, earth & under earth. Every tongue confess Jesus Lord, to God’s glory c.f Isa 45:23

(Php 2:15) Christians shine as lights in the world c.f. Dan 12:3.

(Php 3:3) Christians are people of God i.e. real circumcision, worship by Spirit of God, glory in Christ Jesus, put no confidence in flesh.

(Php 3:9) A righteousness that comes not from the law but through faith in Christ, the righteousness from God that depends on faith.

(Php 3:10-11) Christian faith is eschatological i.e. he resurrection from the dead.

(Php 3:19-21) Eschatology – the wicked face destruction.

(Php 3:19-21) Eschatology – savior from heaven who will transform our lowly body to be like his glorious body by power subjects all things.

(Php 4:3,5) Eschatology – names are in the book of life. The Lord is at hand.

(Php 4:16-18) Gifts to help other Christians are as fragrant offerings, sacrifices acceptable and pleasing to God.

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