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The flesh (sin dominated humanity) is totally depraved.

My body was a body mastered by sin with my members being enslaved to sin.

Through Christ’s death, the old person that I was in Adam has been done away with and I have been given new life in the Spirit.

This has released me from slavery to sin and I now live a new life of righteousness, through God’s Spirit, that is pleasing to God.

However, to the extent that I still experience something of the old age now, and on those occasions when I walk in my flesh, I encounter a similar experience to the struggle Paul speaks of in Romans 7. In this event I must, by the Spirit, to put to death the deeds of the body and continue my walking in the Spirit.

The flesh no longer dominates me but it attempts a resurgence when I am not living consistent with being in the Spirit. Although the flesh’s mastery has ended with the death of the old man and the person I used to be, the flesh still seeks unsuccessfully to recover what it has lost and so at times my experience of the flesh before and after conversion may appear to have some similar expressions although the realities are completely altered.

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