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(1Thes 1:4-6) Chosen – evidenced by God’s love, the Spirit’s power at work upon them, , joy.

(1Thes 3:13) Christ’s coming with his holy ones c.f. Deu 33:2, Zec 14:5.

(1Thes 4:7) God calls his people to be holy and not unclean. These concepts come from Leviticus.

(1Thes 5:2-3) The phrase ‘day of the Lord’ comes from the OT prophets as does the comparison to labor pains that come upon a pregnant woman.

(1Thes 5:8) The Christian’s armor is the same as God’s in Isa 59:17 – breastplate righteousness (i.e. faith and love) & helmet of salvation.

(2Thes 1:6-10) OT described God coming to judge the nations in order to bring relief and deliverance for his people e.g. exiles in Babylon.

(2Thes 1:7) Christ’s coming with his holy ones c.f. Deu 33:2, Zec 14:5.

(2Thes 2:3-4) Opposes and exalts himself above every god or idol c.f. Dan 11:36. Takes his seat in the temple of God c.f. Dan 11:45.

(2Thes 2:6-7) I think Michael as in Dan 12:1 is the restrainer. notes – Michael as the restrainer.pdf

(2Thes 2:7,8,9) ‘Man of Lawlessness’ c.f. Dan 7:25 and his foreshadowing by Antiochus Epiphanies as described in Daniel.

(2Thes 2:8) The destruction of the antichrist by the fire that comes from Christ’s mouth cf. Dan 7:10-11.

(2Th 2:13-14) Election – loved by the Lord, God chose to be saved, through sanctification by the Spirit and called to believe in the truth.

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