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Weeping may tarry for the night, but joy comes with the morning (Psalm 30:5) for the steadfast love of the LORD is new every morning (Lam 3:21-22). Give thanks to the LORD, recall to remembrance his acts of love for he is good and in this you shall know his love for you! Pray in the Spirit that God will work that which you fear cannot be achieved. Contemplate the distances of earth to the heavens and east from the west and see the vastness of love and forgiveness. The LORD grants sleep to those he loves (Psa 127:2).

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(Zec 1:8-11) Christ standing among the myrtle trees (God’s people) by the deep (opposition). c.f. Christ among lamp stands in Rev 1.

(Zec 1:8-11) Christ to whom the angelic riders report c.f. four horsemen of the apocalypse receive their commissions from the lamb.

(Zec 1:16-17) Ultimately a prophecy of the establishment, security and prosperity of the New Jerusalem chosen by God.

(Zec 1:18-21) Sovereignty. In God’s providence the horns (power) of the nations will be brought low c.f. Christ’s return.

(Zec 2:1-2) The measuring of Jerusalem points to its being established and protected by God c.f. Rev 11:1-2 and Rev 21:15.

(Zec 2:4-5) A description in terms of OT shadows of the prosperity, protection and glory of God’s people in the New Jerusalem.

(Zec 2:6-9) Jerusalem/Babylon contrast also apparent in Revelation. God’s people to flee Babylon that is under God’s judgment c.f. Rev 18:4.

(Zec 2:10) Christ’s return and dwelling with his people c.f. Rev 21:3.

(Zec 2:11) Gentiles becoming part of Israel grafted into olive tree – Many nations shall join to the LORD in that day & shall be my people.

(Zec 2:12) Jerusalem and Judah restored i.e. New Jerusalem and New Earth – chosen and belonging to God.

(Zec 2:13) Be silent, all flesh, before the LORD, for he has roused himself from his holy dwelling. c.f. Judgment Day Zep 1:7; Rev 8:1-5.

(Zec 3) The work of Christ – removing excrement stained clothing, taking away sin, re-clothing with glory, making acceptable to serve.

(Zec 3:2) Christ rebukes Satan’s accusations and causes him to be silent.

(Zec 3:2) Christ saves a sinner like a brand from the fire.

(Zec 3:8) Christ is both the Davidic King (the branch) and the High Priest (foreshadowed by Joshua).

(Zec 3:9) Seven eyes on stone = seven eyes of the Lamb c.f. Rev 5:6 i.e. God’s omniscience.

(Zec 3:9) Sin removed in a single day. The cross or the turning of Israel to Jesus before the resurrection or both?

(Zec 3:10) OT shadow description of the messianic kingdom i.e. life in new earth – sitting under one’s own vine and fig tree.

(Zec 4) Olive trees (the prophets who stand before Lord of all earth) mediate oil (the Spirit) to the lampstand (the people of God) Rev 11:4

(Zec 5:1-4) c.f. Rev 10:9-10 Christ removes from us the sin-seeking scroll that brings judgment. He cancels the written code against us.

(Zec 5:5-11) Contrast again between Jerusalem & Babylon. In Revelation between New Jerusalem of God & Babylon the world-city of destruction.

(Zec 6:1-8) Four chariots of colored horses representing God’s judgment against hostile nations c.f. Rev 6 four riders of the apocalypse.

(Zec 6:9-15) Joshua the high priest crowned as a foreshadowing of Christ the Branch who is both king and priest.

(Zec 7:9-11) Christ uniquely rendered true judgments, showed kindness & mercy to widows and poor. Christ was obedient Israel-reduced-to-one.

(Zec 8:3-5) OT descriptions of ideal life in New Jerusalem – long life (old age), peace/prosperity (young children not dying of war/famine).

(Zec 8:3-5) c.f. Isa 65:17-25.

(Zec 8:7-8) Christ will gather his people from the east and from the west to dwell in New Jerusalem. They his people & he their God.

(Zec 8:21-23) Another passage where OT points to Gentiles being added to Israel as God’s people c.f. Grafted olive tree branches in Rom 11.

(Zec 9:9-10) Christ entering Jerusalem with rejoicing riding on a donkey i.e. brings peace trusting God rather than man’s chariots.

(Zec 9:11-12) Because of the blood of covenant prisoners set free from the waterless pit (the grave) i.e. prisoners of hope. Work of Christ.

(Zec 9:14) Christ’s return – Then the LORD will appear over them, and his arrow will go forth like lightning c.f. Mat 24:27.

(Zec 9:13-14) Christ shall save his people who shall return with him as part of his righteous army to execute judgment on the nations Rev 19

(Zec 9:16) On that day the LORD their God will save them, as the flock of his people c.f. Christ the shepherd of the sheep.

(Zec 9:16-17) Christ shall in the greatness of his goodness and beauty, glorify his people like jewels and give life and joy (grain & wine).

(Zec 10:4) Christ is the cornerstone, the tent peg, the battle bow, the ruler and from him come all others stones, pegs, bows, rulers.

(Zec 10:5) At Christ’s return his people shall accompany him in white linen on horses of heaven – mighty men in Christ’s battle.

(Zec 10:6) Christ strengthens, saves and has compassion on his people.

(Zec 10:8-12) OT description of the rapture – the ingathering of God’s people now scattered all over this earth. Described as a 2nd exodus.

(Zec 10:8-12) The OT image of overflowing promised land into Lebanon and Gilead (areas outside of land) describe God’s people in new earth.

(Zec 11:4) Christ came as the good shepherd to Israel.

(Zec 11:8,12,13) Christ was the rejected shepherd valued at thirty pieces of silver thrown to the potter.

(Zec 11:4,6,9,16) Various descriptions of 70 A.D. when Jerusalem was destroyed by the Romans. Included Jewish cannibalism and cruelty.

(Zec 12:1-3) The war of Armageddon and Gog and Magog i.e. all nations gather against God’s people. Same as in Ezekiel and Revelation.

(Zec 12:4-9) Christ shall destroy his enemies at his coming with blindness and fire. c.f. Rev 19.

(Zec 12:10) Christ shall pour out his Spirit on Jews causing them to look to Jesus causing repentance … and so all Israel shall be saved

(Zec 13:1-2) Christ is the fountain to cleanse from sin. Jews shall be cleansed by Christ c.f. Rom 11 "all Israel shall be saved".

(Zec 13:3-6) At Christ’s coming false prophets will be no more.

(Zec 13:7) Christ is the shepherd who stands next to God. He was struck with the sword and his followers scattered.

(Zec 13:8-9) In 70 A.D. two-thirds of the nation died in battle/seige, one-third scattered slaves. Zec 13:9 anticipates future conversion.

(Zec 14:2) Sovereignty. God will gather all nations for Armageddon. God’s people shall initially face defeat but be preserved in part.

(Zec 14:3) Christ is the LORD who will go out and fight against those nations as when he fights on a day of battle (Armageddon).

(Zec 14:4) Christ’s feet shall stand on the Mount of Olive at his return and there shall be a great earthquake c.f. Revelation.

(Zec 14:5) Christ will come and all the holy ones with him (caught up to meet him in air and then return for battle glorified c.f. Rev 19).

(Zec 14:6-7) No sun or night because the LORD shall be the light c.f. Rev 22:5

(Zec 14:8) Living waters shall flow from God’s presence in Jerusalem c.f. Rev 22:1 river of water of life flowing from throne of God/Lamb .

(Zec 14:9) And the LORD will be king over all the earth (the new heavens and earth).

(Zec 14:10-11) No curse (no being devoted to destruction). Permanent security and peace c.f. Rev 21.

(Zec 14:12-15) The fire that is judgment at the battle of Armageddon. c.f. Rev 20:9 and other accounts of the battle in Revelation.

(Zec 14:16) Survivors of all nations (the elect from all nations) shall worship God forever in his kingdom (meaning of Feast of Booths).

(Zec 14:17-19)Not a yearly decision but rather judgment of hostile nations. No rain = no crops = death c.f. Exo 10:17). In NT second death.

(Zec 14:20-21) Everything will become holy c.f. the New Jerusalem as a cube the holy of holies. In the new creation everything is holy.

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Guilt and bitterness

Let all bitterness … be put away from you … Be kind to one another, tenderhearted, forgiving one another, as God in Christ forgave you. (Ephesians 4:31-32)

Guilt is what we feel when we sin,

and bitterness is what we feel when others sin against us.

Source: How To Be Free From Bitterness

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