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Jesus learned to walk. Did he ever stub his toe or fall down and scrape His knee?

Jesus learned to speak. Did he as a toddler ever stumble over words or mispronounce them?

Jesus learned maths. Could he have got a maths problem wrong?

Neither stubbing one’s toe nor mispronouncing words nor getting a maths problem wrong is sinful.

Christ grew as a child – growing, developing, learning – but never sinning.

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(Hag 1:10-11;2:17-19) Sovereignty. God works in providence with regard to rain fall, drought, blight, mildew, hail and the growing of crops.

(Hag 2:6-9) God’s shaking of creation, the nations presenting their tribute and the greater glory to come points to Christ’s coming.

(Hag 2:6-9) The greater glory to come and the granting of peace in this place points to the work of Christ teaching in the temple and cross.

(Hag 2:20-23) God’s shaking creation, overthrow of nations in battle, establishing Davidic king are events associated with Christ’s return.

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