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(Song 1:1) Christ is the Son of David and the ultimate lover of his bride.

(Song 1:2-4) Christ’s love better than the joy that comes from wine. He is the anointed one who is most pleasing.

(Song 1:5-6) Christ’s bride has suffered deprivation and suffering.

(Song 1:7,12) Christ is the shepherd-lover and king-lover of his bride.

(Song 1:16-17) A Garden of Eden connotation to the celebration of this love between Christ and his bride.

(Song 2:3) Christ’s bride finds her delight, joy and nourishment in Christ’s shadow of protection and fruit of life.

(Song 2:4) Christ’s banner over his people is love. He prepares a feast in his presence – messianic banquet.

(Song 2:5) Christ provides life-giving fruit to his people.

(Song 2:6) Christ’s love for his people is shadowed by the most intimate expression of human love.

(Song 2:8) The imagery of leaping over mountains and bounding over hills is sometimes used of God’s coming in salvation.

(Song 2:10-13) The new life of spring after a long deathly winter and the connotations of a garden point to a restored Eden.

(Song 2:16) God’s people belong to Christ and Christ is the one loved by his people.

(Song 3) Solomon as the glorious king on wedding day foreshadows the greater glory of Christ, Son of David, at his consummation c.f. Rev 21.

(Song 4:11-16) Consummation of intimacy with echoes of Garden of Eden/Promised Land – milk & honey, fruit trees, living waters. c.f. Rev 22.

(Song 5:10-15) Christ as garden & temple – streams of water, pools, spices, herbs, Lebanon, precious stones, alabaster columns, gold & ivory

(Song 6:2-7) Bride of Christ as a garden, promised land in agricultural prosperity, as glorious Jerusalem enjoyed by Christ the bridegroom.

(Song 6:12) The bride with Christ the Prince.

(Song 7:2) The bride described in terms of joy = a cup of wine and life= belly like a fertile heap of wheat.

(Song 7:4) Christ’s bride as both garden and city i.e. ivory tower, pools of Heshbon, gate, tower of Lebanon, Carmel. c.f. Rev 21-22.

(Song 8:3) Sexual intimacy as a foreshadowing of Christ & his people – His left hand is under my head, and his right hand embraces me!

(Song 8:4) The work of God – I adjure you, O daughters of Jerusalem, that you not stir up or awaken love until it pleases.

(Song 8:6) Christ’s love is a covenant love of intimacy – set me as a seal upon your heart.

(Song 8:6) Christ’s love and jealousy for his people is stronger than death – as the fire of God.

(Song 8:7) Christ’s love cannot be quenched by the floods of chaos.

(Song 8:7) Christ’s love is given by grace not earned.

(Song 8:10) Christ’s bride finds peace before his eyes.

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