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Total Depravity

John Piper uses the illustration of a son who is asked to clean the family car. He does so but with every facial expression indicating his displeasure at having to perform the task.

One may perform the raw actions of moral conformity in a way where those actions are governed by principles totally alien to the father.

Every action that is not directed toward the glory of God and achieved through the means of forgiveness and Spirit-enabling is idolatrous.

Sin is any action not enabled and directed to God’s glory.

See also: https://andrewgroves.wordpress.com/2007/10/22/how-the-charity-of-godless-people-can-be-so-offensive-to-god/

Piper urges us to saturate all of life with God.

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(Ruth 1:6) Salvation occurs when God visits his people. Through Jesus God again visits his people c.f. Luk 7:16; 1:68,78.

(Ruth 1:16-17) By faith & covenant a Gentile can be incorporated into the people of God. "Your people shall be my people, your God my God."

(Ruth 1:21-22) Providence – God working all things according to the counsel of his will.

(Ruth 2:12) Salvation described in terms of being protected under God’s eagle wings c.f. God’s people in Revelation 12.

(Ruth 2:20) Salvation achieved by God acting in covenant-love. God’s commitment to his covenant-love seen at the cross.

(Ruth 2:20) Salvation achieved by God acting in as a kinsman-redeemer. God becoming man is ultimate expression of God as kinsman-redeemer.

(Ruth 3:4) Salvation comes through submission, trust and obedience to one’s kinsman redeemer i.e. to Christ.

(Ruth 4:10) The role of a kinsman-redeemer is to cause those dead to not lose their inheritance or share in the kingdom of God. Christ!

(Ruth 4:17-22) The lineage of the seed that will lead to the coming of the king. Initially David but ultimately the Christ!

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(Jdg 2:14) When Israel sin God sells them into slavery. A rejection of God’s saving activity returns people to slavery to sin.

(Jdg 2:18) God is moved to compassion when he hears the groaning of his people under sin and judgment.

(Jdg 3:9-10) Othniel as a God raised deliverer on whom the Spirit of the LORD came upon is the ideal judge and a shadow of Christ.

(Jdg 3:15) God saves using a man who is lit. ‘bound in his right-hand’ i.e. a man of weakness. Christ crucified is also a surprising choice.

(Jdg 4:4) God ordains a judge, Deborah, who settles disputes using God’s law. Deborah unlike Barak foreshadows Christ as a judge who trusts.

(Jdg 5:10) Today the voices of singers at the watering places recite the righteous acts of the LORD achieved through Christ.

(Jdg 5:31) Jesus is the one who loves God and ultimately rises like the sun with strength and healing. c.f. Mal 4:2.

(Jdg 6:34) The Spirit of the LORD clothed Gideon even as God’s Spirit descends on the greater deliverer, the Christ, at his baptism.

(Jdg 7:25) As Gideon defeats and kills Raven and Wolf so the Christ defeats all the enemies of God’s people.

(Jdg 8:35) Israel fails to live out a covenant relationship of steadfast love with their own delivered. Similar response to the Christ.

(Jdg 9) Abimelech is one in a long line of men who are like a foreshadowing of the antichrist.

(Jdg 10-12) Jephthah is not a very good foreshadowing of the Christ!

(Jdg 13:3-5) A miraculous birth of a saviour dedicated to God from birth announced by an angel. Luke draws on this to present the Christ.

(Jdg 14:6,19) Samson acts in power when Spirit of LORD rushes upon him. Jesus also does mighty acts of power thru Spirit resting upon him.

(Jdg 15:12) Samson bounded and given over into the hands of the Philistines. A foreshadowing of the Christ’s rejection.

(Jdg 16:30) God works a great salvation for Israel in the death of its saviour although this is a greater positive in Christ than in Samson.

(Jdg 17-21) Chapters point to need for a king who will restrain sin and lead his people in righteousness. Initially David ultimately Christ.

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