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“Repentance is that mighty change in mind, heart and life, wrought by the Spirit of God.”

source: Richard Trench, Archbishop of Dublin.

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Irresistible Grace

Say you were to offer a preschooler a choice between a shiny golden $1 coin and a green piece of paper worth $100.

Because a preschooler is a preschooler they would always choose the shiny golden coin over green paper.

Such an action is an expression of the preschooler’s ‘free will’.

But let’s imagine that you choose to cause a preschooler to "see", "hear" and "understand" that the green paper is of more value and will be the means of him being able to have far more than a single gold coin.

Now the preschooler will choose the green paper over the golden coin. In fact he feels compelled within himself to do so as the green paper has become irresistible.

His choosing the green paper is still an act of his will but he was only able to make that choice due to your intervention.

Just as a preschooler will always choose a gold coin so also a sinner will always choose ‘no’ to God.

As a young immature mind can only choose the gold coin so too a sinful person, enslaved to sin and powerlessly dead can only choose to reject God.

However God’s Spirit is able to intervene in the lives of those whom God chooses by opening eyes, ears and heart in such a way that they are given new insight that causes the attraction of the gospel to become irresistible.

God enables them to choose the green paper because of a new understanding of the green paper that came not from themselves but from the Spirit. The Spirit has overcome all their resistance and made the green paper so attractive to them that it is irresistible but they are still making a choice.

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