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Sometimes as we consider a doctrine about God we study it, evaluate and form our opinions about it, almost standing in judgment over it. John Calvin diagnoses our error in the quote below.

… experience teaches us that we are inflated with too much self-confidence for we look down, as it were from on high, on that doctrine which ought, on the contrary, to be reverently adored by us.

Source: John Calvin while commenting on Zechariah 4:11-14

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Matthew Henry says that people have two basic problems:

1. Our sinful acts which offends the justice of God

2. Our sinful essence inherited from Adam which offends the holiness of God.

The Lord Jesus, taking on himself our judgment, removes the offence of our sinful acts.

His giving us the Spirit, causing us to become new creations, removes the offence of our old man, our sinful essence.

Guilt and corruption are our two great discouragements when we stand before God. By the guilt of the sins committed by us we have become obnoxious to the justice of God; by the power of the sin that dwells in us we have become odious to the holiness of God.

Source: Matthew Henry commenting on Zechariah 3.

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