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Dr. Martin Lloyd-Jones says in his exposition of Romans 6, though sin cannot reign in us, that is, in our essential personality, it can, if left unchecked, reign in our mortal bodies. It will turn the natural instincts of our bodies into lust. It will turn our natural appetites into indulgence, our need for clothing and shelter into materialism, and our normal sexual interest into immorality. That is why Paul exhorts us to be on our guard so that we will not let sin reign in our bodies.

source: Martyn Lloyd-Jones, Romans: An Exposition of Chapter 6 – The New Man (Banner of Trust)

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In the words of the Scottish theologian, John Brown …

Holiness does not consist in mystic speculations, enthusiastic fervours, or uncommanded austerities; it consists in thinking as God thinks, and willing as God wills.

source: John Brown, Expository Discourses on 1 Peter (1848; repr. Edinburgh: Banner of Truth Trust, 1978), 1:106.

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