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“Though we often think of holiness in a more narrow sense of separation from impurity and moral evil, in its broader sense holiness is obedience to the will of God …

Faith and holiness are inextricably linked. Obeying the commands of God usually involves believing the promises of God.”

source: Holiness and Faith Chapter 15 in ‘The Pursuit of Holiness’ by Jerry Bridges.

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The past judgments of God upon sinners ought to be improved by us as warnings to avoid imitation of their sins. And the view of his almighty power ought to animate us to a speedy and serious repentance. It is happy to have him for a friend, but terrible to have him our adversary.

No pattern ought to be copied in contempt or disobedience to him. And no safety can be expected in obstinate wickedness. No unbelief can falsify God’s word. If we receive not has promises, he will execute his threatenings upon us.

But how closely Jesus Christ cleaves to his people in all their debasement and distress! He is ready to teach his servants, or employ his angels or ministers, for their relief. And while most of mankind remain unconcerned under the curse of God and the power of the devil, seasonably and effectually he intercedes for his people.

Hereby is ensured to his church the destruction of all their cruel and brutal enemies, and comfort and happiness to themselves. And, let Satan find as many and as powerful agents to oppress the church as he will, Christ will find enough to resist and destroy them.

Source: Reflections by John Brown on Zechariah Chapter 1

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