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Well I’ve just finished reading through the Bible. This was the fastest read through I have ever done! I read through the Old Testament in 21 days and the New Testament over 36 days.

Since December I have been writing down various observations and notes on the actual Bible text I was reading. I’ve ended up with 2596 lines! (1583 in OT and 1013 in NT).

My plan now is to go a bit slower and read 5 chapters a day starting from 7th of May (which meant I had to read a fair bit today). This should mean I finish the Bible in early December.

In terms of writing lines I’ve decided to be a little more specific in what I record. Whereas before I wrote observations on the text, this time I am going to record notes on how things relate to salvation or eschatology, particularly in relation to Christ.

Writing lines really helped me focus and I picked up on a few extra things. I think in the future I will re-read them when going through a book. Both my past exegetical notes and this new set. Well I guess its time to start.

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