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(Num 1) Israel counted by tribes, clans & father’s houses. Each man camps under his standard. Levites guard tabernacle by camping around it.

(Num 2) Instructions on how Israel are to break camp and set out on their journey from Sinai.

(Num 2:3) The tribe of Judah camp in the most prominent place, east side toward the sunrise nearer the tent of meeting. Also set out first.

(Num 3) Instructions about which parts of the tabernacle and its furniture are to be carried by various clans of Levites when setting out.

(Num 3:12-13) The Levites to be taken by God in place of the firstborn who became God’s when he struck firstborn of Egypt.

(Num 3:38) The Aaronite priests camp before the tabernacle on the east, before the tent of meeting toward the sunrise as guards.

(Num 4:3) Levites worked doing the service of the tabernacle from thirty to fifty years of age. Each man assigned a specific task.

(Num 5:1-4) All unclean people sent outside the camp due to God’s dwelling among them.

(Num 5:5-31) A grain offering to cause remembrance of guilt rather than forgiveness. Jealous husband toward wife. Bitter water that curses.

(Num 6:1-21) Nazarites separate to the LORD i.e. holy. No wine, grapes etc. Not cut hair. No association with a dead body. Period of time.

(Num 6:23-26) LORD bless & keep you. LORD make his face to shine upon you and be gracious to you. LORD lift up his countenance & give peace.

(Num 7) Each tribal leader brings the same gift each day for the dedication of the tabernacles. Vessels and animals for sacrifice.

(Num 7:89) When Moses went into the tent he heard the LORD’s voice speaking to him from between the two cherubim on the cover above the ark.

(Num 8:7) Levites are cleansed by sprinkling them with the water of purification, using a razor on bodies & washing clothes.

(Num 8:10-11) Israel lay their hands on the Levites, and offer them as a wave offering, that is, they become living sacrifices for serving.

(Num 9:1-14) The Israelites observe the first Passover since the Exodus at Sinai.

(Num 9:15-23) The pillar of cloud fire rests & sets out from the tabernacle. Nine times it is said Israel camps & sets out at LORD’s command

(Num 10:1-10) Priests blow trumpets to gather at tabernacle or break camp.Also sound war alarm & over sacrifices to remind God of the people

(Num 10:11) After all the previous instructions, Israel finally leave Sinai at God’s command as the cloud lifts from the tabernacle.

(Num 11:1-3) Israel complained, the LORD’s anger was kindled and the fire of the LORD burned and consumed some of them. c.f. Lev 9:24, 10:2.

(Num 11:4-6) Israel say Egypt’s fish, cucumbers, melons, leeks, onions and garlic were better than God’s provision of manna.

(Num 11:23,31-35) The LORD’s hand is not too short to give Israel meat every day for a month. Plague strikes and burials take place.

(Num 11:24-30) God gives the Spirit to 70 elders of Israel who prophesy. Moses desire that the LORD would do so with all Israel c.f. Acts 2

(Num 12:1-9) Aaron & Miriam speak against Moses even though Moses is faithful in God’s house, speaks with God and sees the form of God.

(Num 12:10-15) God’s judgment is merciful. He does not make Israel’s high priest an unclean leper & implies he is Miriam’s father.

(Num 13:1-14:4) Israel will not enter the land because they live by sight not by faith. They want to return to Egypt.

(Num 14:11-20) God threatens to destroy Israel with a plague. Moses intercedes using Ex 34:6-7. God pardons Israel but

(Num 14:21-38) Israel’s dead bodies will be scattered in the wilderness because of their unfaithfulness. Shall not see the land.

(Num 15:1-29) Graciously the story of Israel’s rebellion & judgment is followed by instructions about sacrifices, the means of grace.

(Num 15:30-41) No sacrifice or forgiveness for high handed sin like Sabbath breaking. Penalty death. Therefore tassels to remind to obey.

(Num 16:29-33) Korah’s rebellion. The ground opened its mouth & swallowed them up. They went down to Sheol alive having despised the LORD.

(Num 16:35) Fire came out from LORD and consumed the 250 men offering the incense who had sided with Korah. c.f. Lev 9:24, 10:2, Num 11:1-3.

(Num 16:45-50) God judges nation with a plague. Aaron offers incense & stands between the living and dead. Plague stopped. Shadow of Christ.

(Num 17:8) The staff of Aaron sprouted, put forth buds, produced blossoms and bore ripe almonds. The priest’s staff becomes a tree of life.

(Num 18:7) Rebellion against priesthood is followed by reaffirming need for priests to guard tabernacle so Israel does not face wrath & die

(Num 18:8-24) Detailed description of God’s rich generosity in his gifts to the priests. God himself is their inheritance. C.f. Eph 1:18.

(Num 18:15-16) Firstborn sons are to be redeemed at a month old with five shekels of silver.

(Num 19:1f) The water of cleaning is made with ashes of a red heifer that was burned a sin offering. It is sprinkled in a person. Heb 10:22

(Num 19:20) If a person chooses not to be cleansed with the water of cleansing then they are to be cut off from the assembly of God’s people

(Num 20:10-13) Moses sins by striking the rock rather than speaking to it. Water gushes out from the rock. Moses will not enter land.

(Num 20:16) The LORD sent an angel (lit. messenger) who brought Israel out of Egypt. Was this messenger Jesus? C.f. Jude 1:5

(Num 20:28) Aaron is stripped of his high priestly garments which are put on his son Eleazar. Aaron dies but Israel still has a High Priest.

(Num 21:4-9) Fiery serpents bite Israel for murmuring. A bronze serpent set on a pole. If serpent bite an Israelite then could look & live.

(Num 21:21-35) Sihon and Og defeated. Israel takes possession of the lands of Gilead and Bashan outside the Promised Land.

(Num 22:4) The Moabites worry that Israel will lick them up as an ox licks up the grass of the field. Send to Baalam to curse Israel.

(Num 22:21) Balaam’s donkey has more spiritual insight that Balaam who usually looks at animal livers for omens. Ironic.

(Num 23:10) Balaam’s desire to die the peaceful death of a righteous man will not be granted.

(Num 23:22-23) God is for Israel like the horns of a wild ox. No magic or divination can work against Israel.

(Num 24:6-7) Israel’s tents pictured as gardens planted by the LORD beside waters. Israel’s seed, descendants, shall be in many waters.

(Num 24:17) Balaam sees him, but not near or now. A star & sceptre shall rise out of Israel & crush the forehead of Moab. Jesus !

(Num 24:18-19,20,24) Balaam speaks of the utter destruction of Edom, Amalek, Assyria and Rome!

(Num 25:1-3) Baalam’s advice. Israel begin to indulge in sexual immorality with Moabite women who invited them to sacrifice to their gods.

(Num 25:1-3) The people ate and bowed down before their gods.The LORD’s anger burned against them.

(Num 25:6) A man took a Midianite woman into his tent before the eyes of Moses & Israel while they were weeping at the entrance to the Tent.

(Num 25:7-8) Phinehas son of Eleazar saw this & drove a spear thru their bodies while in the act. Plague is stopped by this act of atonement

(Num 25:10-13) Phinehas’ zeal matched God’s zeal for his glory. Phinehas given a covenant of peace and a lasting priesthood.

(Num 26:53,55) The land is to be allotted an inheritance based on the number of names. Be sure that the land is distributed by lot.

(Num 26:64-65) Not one of those counted were among those counted by Moses & Aaron when they counted the Israelites in the Desert of Sinai.

(Num 27:16-18) Moses prays for a man to shepherd Israel, leading in & bringing out. Joshua has God’s Spirit but ultimately shepherd is Jesus

(Num 28:1-29:40) Detailed description of sacrifices made each day, Sabbath, new moon & feasts. Bulls, rams, lambs, goats, grain, wine & oil.

(Num 30:1-16) A woman’s vow to LORD can be nullified by her father/husband. A woman is under the protective authority of father or husband.

(Num 31:6-8) War against Midian. Accompanied by Phinehas, vessels from the sanctuary & trumpets. Balaam among those killed.

(Num 31:31-35) Israel gain a lot of wealth very quickly. 675000 sheep, 72000 cattle, 61000 donkeys, 32000 virgin women.

(Num 32:33) Gad, Reuben and half of Manasseh are given the lands of Gilead and Bashan as their inheritance outside the Promised Land.

(Num 33:2f) A list of 42 Israelite camps through the wilderness from Egypt to Moab. Written down by the command of the LORD.

(Num 34:1-29) Borders of Canaan detailed for the purpose of assigning inheritances.

(Num 35:7,11) The Levites are given 48 cities & their pasturelands. Six of these cities are cities of refuge for one who accidentally kills.

(Num 35:25,28) One who kills accidentally is safe in the city of refuge but death of the high priest means he can return to his family land.

(Num 36:6) Numbers is full of examples of disobedience. But ends with the daughters of Zelophehad doing as the LORD commanded Moses.

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