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(Zec_1:8) Yahweh (angel of LORD) of Hosts (mounted horsemen) with (in midst of) his people (the myrtles) as they face opposition (the deep).

(Zec_1:18-21) Four horns/nations that scattered God’s people. Four angelic craftsmen terrify them and throw down these horns of the nations.

(Zec_2:1-2) The Angel of Yahweh with a measuring line in his hand measures Jerusalem. A symbolic action for protecting & preserving.

(Zec_2:4-5) The city will be without walls, Yahweh himself will be a wall of fire around it and its glory within it.

(Zec_2:11) Many nations will be joined with the LORD in that day & become his people. He will live among them & they will know the LORD.

(Zec_2:13) Be silent, all flesh, before the LORD, for he has roused himself from his holy dwelling.

(Zec_3:3-7) Joshua the High Priest dressed in filthy clothes (sin) but re-clothed/restored as priest in rich garments & clean turban.

(Zec_3:9) Stone set before Joshua is sacred diadem worn on the forehead by the high priest and engraved with the words ‑Holy to the LORD­.

(Zec_3:9-10) Sin to be removed in a single day ushering in life in the messianic kingdom where people sit under their vines and fig trees.

(Zec_4:1-14) A gold lampstand flanked with an olive tree on each side from which comes rivers of oil that sustain the lamps.

(Zec_4:1-14) Lampstand = people of God reflecting God’s glory. Olive trees = prophets who stand before the LORD. Like Revelation.

(Zec_4:1-14) Prophets mediate the Spirit (oil) in the midst of the people of God (the lampstand).

(Zec_4:1-14) The temple-building activity will succeed ‑ not by might nor by power­ but rather by the Spirit­.

(Zec_5:1-4) Flying scroll is the covenant document made with Moses (c.f. curses, whole land, writing on both sides, stealing, false oaths).

(Zec_5:1-4) Scroll flies into houses of covenant breakers & destroys the house’s timber and stones reducing them to piles of rubble.

(Zec_5:5-11) The wicked are compared to a woman who is taken far away to a temple in Babylon.

(Zec_6:1-8) Four chariots bearing the Shekinah Glory throne coming from the heavenly temple (bronze mountains = bronzed pillars).

(Zec_6:1-8) God comes in power and conquers Babylon (and Egypt) resulting in rest for God’s people.

(Zec_6:9-15) A crown placed in temple as a sign that in the future ‑those who are far off will come and build the temple of the LORD.­

(Zec_7:1-14) Neither fasting nor feasting counts but rather righteousness, kindness, mercy & listening to the prophetic word.

(Zec_8:3) Thus says the LORD: I have returned to Zion and will dwell in the midst of Jerusalem.

(Zec_8:3-4) The New Jerusalem will be called the faithful city and the holy mountain and characterized by long life.

(Zec_8:12) Promised Land (new earth) will be a place of peace, garden-like, fruitful and possessed by God’s people.

(Zec_8:19) Fasting shall be turned into seasons of joy and gladness and cheerful feasts.

(Zec_8:22) Peoples from all nations will seek the LORD for his grace. They will come to the temple in Jerusalem i.e. New Temple = Jesus.

(Zec_9:9) Jerusalem’s king comes righteous, having salvation, humble on a donkey. Not with horses and chariots but with trustful obedience.

(Zec_9:10) He shall speak peace to the nations; his rule shall be from sea to sea, and from the River to the ends of the earth.

(Zec_9:11) Because of the blood of God’s covenant, he will set the prisoners free from the waterless pit – the grave.

(Zec_10:2) God’s people are afflicted and wander as sheep without a shepherd. Jesus quotes in Mat_9:6 to refer to his generation.

(Zec_10:8-10) God will one day whistle & gather in his scattered redeemed people oppressed among the nations. OT shadow of Rapture Mat_24:31

(Zec_11:8; Zec_11:12-13) Agood shepherd shepherds the flock (Israel). Sheep detest him. Paid off with 30 coins thrown in potter’s house. Mat_27:9-10

(Zec_11:9) Rejection of the good shepherd brings judgement on the sheep, Israel. Sheep die, are destroyed, devour one another. 70 A.D.

(Zec_12:2-9) The LORD will defeat all nations that make war against his people. Drunk with wine, strike mad & blind. Jerusalem protected.

(Zec_12:10-14) The LORD will pour out a Spirit of grace & mercy. They will look on him they pierced and mourn. Joh_19:37; Rev_1:7.

(Zec_13:1-6) On that day a fountain will be opened to cleanse God’s people from sin and uncleanness. Idols and false prophets removed.

(Zec_13:7) Strike my shepherd and the sheep will be scattered. Quoted By Jesus in Mat_26:31.

(Zec_13:8-9) Only a remnant will be saved and refined through trials. They will call to God, he will answer. They will be his people.

(Zec_14:4) The LORD’s feet shall stand on the Mount of Olives with all his holy ones with him. Rev_19:14; Jud_1:14.

(Zec_14:8-9) There will be living waters and the LORD will be king over all the earth. Eze_47:1-12 = Rev_22:1-2.

(Zec_14:16) Survivors of all the nations shall forever worship the LORD as expressed in OT shadow of Feast of Tabernacles.

(Zec_14:12; Zec_14:16-19) The rebellious nations shall die of a plague of fire (Rev_20:9) or no rain – no living water of life (Rev_22:17).

(Zec_14:20-21) Everyday items like bowls & pots will be holy because the whole New Jerusalem shall be holy of holies (Rev_21:16)

(Zec 9-14) NT quotes these chapters heavily in gospel accounts of the cross. Intermingles apocalyptic symbols with second coming & new earth

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