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(Dan 1) From Judah to Babylon, vessels from Jerusalem’s temple placed in the temple in the land of Shinar, defiling meat, wine & literature.

(Dan 1:4,17,20) Daniel and friends given wisdom by God in Babylonian literature, governing and in the fear of the LORD. c.f. Joseph in Egypt

(Dan 2:18) They sought mercy from God of heaven who is repeatedly acknowledged as the revealer of mysteries (19,21,22,23,29,45,47).

(Dan 2:34-35) A statue of a man representing man-made kingdoms – Babylon, Persia, Greece, Rome.

(Dan 2:35) Kingdom of God as a stone not cut by human hands that destroys kingdoms & becomes a cosmic mountain filling the earth forever.

(Dan 3:17,28) Our God is able to deliver but even if he doesn’t no idolatry. God sends his angel to deliver his trusting servants.

(Dan 3:28-29) Nebuchadnezzar says, "They yielded up their bodies rather than serve any other god. No other god is able to rescue this way."

(Dan 4) A vision of a cosmic tree – reaches heaven, visible to ends of earth, has fruit and leaves, animals under its branches.

(Dan 4:17,25,26) God gives kingdoms to whomever he wills. Human ride is humbled as Nebuchadnezzar becomes as a wild animal. Heaven rules.

(Dan 5) Almost 70 years have passed. Mention made of vessels from Jerusalem’s temple now in Babylon. Hand writes mene, mene, tekel, peres.

(Dan 6:10,13) Daniel prays toward Jerusalem on his knees for 70 years and is still known as ‘one of the exiles from Judah’.

(Dan 6) An innocent man – accused falsely by jealous men, a ruler seeks his release, death ordered, stone rolled over entrance and sealed.

(Dan 6:26-27) God send his angel to shut mouths of lions. He is the living God, kingdom never ends, delivers & saves, works signs & wonders.

(Dan 7) Apocalyptic vision of 4 beasts arising from sea – lion, bear, leopard, dragon – unclean devouring animals persecuting God’s people.

(Dan 7:8,20-21) A little horn with proud eyes & big mouth i.e. the Antichrist of Revelation 13. He prevents times of worship & kills saints.

(Dan 7:13) One on clouds of heaven approaches Ancient of Days and receives kingdom forever. The saints also receive this kingdom.

(Dan 8) A Greek king, Antiochus Epiphanes (c.164 B.C.), persecuted God’s people, defiled the temple and prevented sacrifices for 3.5 years.

(Dan 8) Antiochus is a foreshadowing of the Antichrist.

(Dan 9:1-20) Daniel prays knowing that Jeremiah’s 70 years are now finished and bases his prayer on Leviticus 26. Lev 26 multiplies by 7s.

(Dan 9:21) Gabriel appears in OT only in Daniel and announces messiah. Next appearance is to Mary & Zechariah announcing messiah’s coming.

(Dan 9:25) First Cyrus’ decree to end exile then initial restoration (49 yrs – symbolic numbers) then long troubled time between testaments.

(Dan 9:26) Jesus dies on the cross & Roman prince Titus destroys temple in 70 AD, wars & rumors of wars until the end. Antichrist destroyed.

(Dan 9) After 7 sevens an initial restoration but ultimate restoration 70 sevens. 3.5 yrs great tribulation. 70 sevens ends at Jesus’ return

(Dan 10:16) Similar to visions in Revelation. Daniel falls prostrate, his lips are touched, he has ‘vision pains’ & no strength.

(Dan 10:13) Michael is angelic protector-prince of Israel and there are also opposing angelic-princes of nations. Battles on earth & heaven.

(Dan 11) Describes history from Daniel’s time until about 164 B.C. (vs. 21-35) about shadow Antiochus then (vs. 36-45) Antichrist.

(Dan 12:1-2) Time of trouble as has never been before then God’s people whose names are in book shall be delivered. Resurrection & judgment.

(Dan 12:13) First rest in death, then resurrection enabling to stand and then given an inheritance forever. For both Daniel and us.

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