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(Jer 1:5,9,19) God knew & choose the prophet from before the womb. God touched J’s mouth. J will be fought against.

(Jer 1:10) Jeremiah will pluck up, break down, destroy, overthrow, build and plant nations and kingdoms.

(Jer 2:13) My people have forsaken me, the fountain of living waters, and hewed out cisterns for themselves that are broken & hold no water.

(Jer 3:9,23) Adultery with stone and tree but the hills are a delusion for Israel’s salvation is found in Yahweh

(Jer 4:11-13) A hot wind too strong to winnow or cleanse. Yahweh, behold he comes riding on the clouds. Judgement.

(Jer 4:22-26) J sees the earth without form and void, no light, mountains crumbling, no birds in heavens, no vegetation and no man.

(Jer 5:22; 6:10) The waves may roar and toss but they cannot prevail over God’s set boundaries. Uncircumcised ears.

(Jer 7:16) As for you, do not pray for this people, or lift up a cry or prayer for them, do not intercede with me, for I will not hear you.

(Jer 9:15) God gives Israel bitter food = wormwood and poisonous waters. Rev 8:11 A third of the waters became wormwood … made bitter.

(Jer 10:23) I know, O Lord, that the way of man is not in himself, that it is not in man who walks to direct his steps.

(Jer 11:14) Therefore do not pray for this people, or lift up a cry or prayer on their behalf, for I will not listen

(Jer 11:16,17,19) The Lord who planted you has decreed disaster on you. Jeremiah like a lamb led to slaughter.

(Jer 12:14) God will pluck the nations from their land in judgment and he will pluck his people from among the nations in salvation.

(Jer 13:7,9,11) God cleaved Israel to himself like a loincloth around his waist. Israel’s pride is like a ruined loincloth.

(Jer 13:26) God will life the skirts of his people over their heads exposing their shame for their whoring.

(Jer 14:11-12) Do not pray for the welfare of this people … I will not hear their cry … Seems a repeated theme.

(Jer 15:1) Moses and Samuel were great intercessors but they would not be able to turn God’s heart to his people – not God’s will for them.

(Jer 15:2) Quoted in Revelation 13:10. The judgment of 587 B.C. foreshadows the End time judgment.

(Jer 15) Jeremiah is a suffering servant. For Yahweh’s sake he bears reproach, is alone, has pain. Will be saved, delivered & redeemed.

(Jer 16:2,8) Jeremiah is disengaged from ordinary celebrations of the land because God will bring them to an end. No marriage, children etc

(Jer 16:15) The ‘land of the north’ along with all nations is the oppressor of God’s people. Literally Babylon but takes on a symbolic sense

(Jer 17:7-8) Happy is the man who trusts in Yahweh. He is like a tree beside waters, green, producing fruit – full of life – even in drought

(Jer 17:9) The heart is deceitful above all things, and desperately sick; who can understand it? God can.

(Jer 17:19f) Sabbath keeping is noted because Sabbath was sign of Mosaic covenant, represents whole law. Like circum. sign of Abra. covenant

(Jer 18:19f) J. says he will no longer intercede. Instead he accuses Judah and calls for judgment. Jeremiah’s agenda is now same as God’s.

(Jer 17:5-8) Trusting in man, a shrub in desert. Trusting in God, a tree planted by water.

(Jer 19) Himmon Valley = Gehenna associated with exposed dead bodies and fires burning continually as sulphur thrown on garbage and refuse.

(Jer 20) Jeremiah suffers physically with beatings, psychologically with terrors and the depths of despair – wished he had never been born.

(Jer 21) Zedekiah hopes that God will work his past wonders but God’s outreached hand and strong arm to judge not save (c.f. unlike Exodus).

(Jer 22:28,30) The house of David – hurled and cast out of the land. Counted as childless, family line as if extinct with none on the throne

(Jer 23:5-6) A king from David – wise, righteous and just. In his days salvation, peace and Yahweh shall be his people’s righteousness.

(Jer 23) Prophets tell lies. God will feed the false prophets wormwood c.f. Revelation. Judgement will come like a violent storm from Yahweh

(Jer 24:5-7) The first of Judah to go to exile like good figs- God will watch, bring back, plant, give a new heart to and be their God.597BC

(Jer 24:8-10) Those still in land bad figs – God will make horror, a reproach, a byword, a taunt, and a curse, drive away and destroy.587 BC

(Jer 25:9,11) Judah to be devoted to destruction, a horror, a hissing, everlasting desolation, a ruin and a waste. Same for all nations.

(Jer 25:16,27) Wrath like a cup of wine that makes one stagger, fall to rise no more and go crazy.

(Jer 26:6) The temple mount to become like Shiloh. Refused to listen to the prophets.

(Jer 27:22) Temple vessels to be carried to Babylon and remain there until God visits them and restores them to their place.

(Jer 28:8) Prophets usually speak words of war, famine and pestilence.

(Jer 29:5f) In exile build houses, plant gardens, take wives, have children, prosper and pray.

(Jer 30:7) Jacob’s time of trouble from which he will be saved = time of Jerusalem’s destruction by Babylon.

(Jer 30:9) God will raise up David their king. They will be his people and he will be their God c.f. Lev & Rev 21:3

(Jer 31:8,9,12,13) Blind and lame among returnees who will return via streams of water. Their lives like watered gardens of life.

(Jer 31:13) Young women shall rejoice in the dance and young men shall be joyful.

(Jer 31:18) Israel was an untrained calf – not good !

(Jer 31:26) The revelation Jeremiah has is so good that he says "At this I awoke and looked, and my sleep was sweet to me."

(Jer 31:31) A new covenant written on their hearts All shall know the LORD from least to greatest. Iniquity forgiven, sin remembered no more

(Jer 31:15-16) Rachel shall weep no more, neither crying out nor shedding tears.

(Jer 32) Jeremiah buys a field as a sign that houses will again be bought, signed, sealed and witnessed – nothing too hard for the LORD.

(Jer 32:38f) Be their God, undivided heart, fear forever, everlasting covenant, not turn from doing them good but rejoice in doing them good

(Jer 33) God’s covenant for a priest of Levi and a king of David will not be broken but restored.

(Jer 34:18f) Officials, eunuchs, priests, all people will become like calf they cut into two pieces and walked between – a covenant action.

(Jer 35) Sons of Rechab obeyed their father not to drink wine, build house or plant so they will live long in land and stand before LORD.

(Jer 36) The king burns the scroll of Jeremiah’s words on his winter fire but another scroll is written "and many similar words were added"

(Jer 37) There is no point trusting in Egypt when God has decreed judgement. (38:2) Better to accept the judgement and trust God’s word.

(Jer 38) Jeremiah is cast into a cistern but rescued by EbedMelech the Ethiopian -Judah will not listen to God’s word but an Ethiopian will.

(Jer 38:17-18) God gave Judah one last chance to accept judgement & obey his prophetic word. If they had the city would not have been burned

(Jer 38:22) Jeremiah "sank in the mud" in cistern but now Zedekiah’s feet are about to sink in the mud.

(Jer 39) The predicted destruction & exile finally comes to pass and yet still a few are left in the land including Jeremiah & Ebed-Melech.

(Jer 40:2f) Ironic that a Babylonian official has more insight into God’s actions that the people of Judah had.

(Jer 41) Looks like the remnant might perish. Heading to Egypt is not the way to go.

(Jer 42) Starts good – they want prophet’s word, wait 10 days for it and say will obey whether good or bad -but they want Egypt-won’t trust.

(Jer 43) They did not obey the voice of the LORD to stay in land but went to Egypt – the Exodus is now completely undone!

(Jer 44) Two perspectives on the disaster 1.caused by Josiah’s reformation to YHWH and neglecting Q. of H 2. Caused by YHWH’s judgement.

(Jer 45) In context of judgement it is best to fear God and be given one’s life as a prize of war rather than seek after this world.

(Jer 46:27f) Egypt will be judged but Jacob shall be saved, regathered, have quiet and God’s presence with them.

(Jer 47:2,6) Babylon like a flooding river overflowing the land of Philistines in conquest/disaster. Babylon called the sword of the LORD.

(Jer 48:7,25,26) Chemosh will go into exile and Moab’s horn will be cut off and arm broken. Moab will be drunk wallowing in vomit.

(Jer 48:47,49:6) Moab and Ammon will be restored.

(Jer 50:4f,20) Israel & Judah reunited, weeping, seeking the LORD, asking way to Zion, everlasting covenant. Sin removed.

(Jer 50:28) Babylon will fall – vengeance for God’s temple. Judgement has many similarities to that against Moab.

(Jer 50:13) Thread of life cut. Babylon pictured as a wilderness and as covered by the sea (42,64) Leave Babylon (45) Joy in heaven (48) Rev

(Lam 1) No comfort, trodden like a wine press, stretched out hands but ignored. God was righteous in dealing with transgression.

(Lam 2) God has swallowed without mercy, in wrath broken down, burned & consumed in fire, became like an enemy, ruin as vast as sea.

(Lam 3:21f) Call to mind one hope – covenant love that does not cease and great faithfulness in the morning.

(Lam 3:40f) Test, examine ways, return, lift heart and hands to God.

(Lam 4:6,17) Jerusalem’s prolonged judgement was worse than Sodom’s overthrow in a moment. Egypt was a vain hope that could not save.

(Lam 5:1,6f) If God will remember We have become slaves. Sick heart, dim eyes. God reigns.

(Lam 6:20f) Don’t forget us or forsake us many days, restore and renew, ends with have you utterly rejected and still exceedingly angry ???

(Jer 52) So much detail about the temple being built and now its all in pieces .

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