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Circumcision signified fundamentally

the removal of defilement or uncleanness

in order that one might participate in the covenant blessings.

Exod. 6:12, 6:30; Lev. 19:23; 26:41; Deut. 10:16; 30:6; Jer. 4:4; 6:10; 9:25.

Why circumcision?

1. associated with sexual organ of reproduction

as a sign of God’s covenant promise to make Israel’s seed to be fruitful (many descendants).

2. the cutting off of flesh

as a symbolic oath in covenant-making. That is, cutting-off a part as a sign of being cut-off from the people of God if covenant is broken. Compare with John 15 gardener ‘cuts-clean’ or ‘cuts-off’

3. removal of foreskin

symbolic significance relates to the removal of a barrier (closing/covering) to fruitfulness.

Also used of:

“uncircumcised fruit” Leviticus 19:23

“uncircumcised lips” Exodus 6:12,30

“uncircumcised ears” Jeremiah 6:10

“uncircumcised hearts” Leviticus 26:41

Note: something uncircumcised is “closed in”. Thus uncircumcised ears hear imperfectly, uncircumcised lips open and speak with difficulty and uncircumcised hearts are closed so as to be unable to understand.

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