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When Death comes he comes with no power of his own or sting, instead he comes as God’s servant to do his biding.

The International Standard Bible Encyclopedia (Destroyer) refers to one who is “regarded as the emissary of Yahweh, and subservient to His will, and sometimes was not clearly distinguished from Yahweh Himself.”

Sometimes the destruction by ‘the destroying angel’ is the action of  ‘the angel of the Lord’ e.g. the plague on Jerusalem in David’s time and the plague on the Assyrians.

The plague on the firstborn in Egypt is said to be have been accomplished by Yahweh himself who passed through the land of Egypt and by ‘the destroyer’. Psalm 78:49 refers to “a band of destroying angels”.

Likewise the plague in Numbers 16 following Korah’s rebellion was the work of ‘the destroying angel’.

C.f. Revelation 6 where Death is summoned by the cherubim to approach God’s throne to receive his orders.

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