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As a pastor the music which I most like sung in church is music that can be used as an instrument enabling us to declare God’s praises to Him and to one another. “You and You Alone” is a recent music CD from Sovereign Grace Ministries which does this.

The musical tunes are easily taught to a congregation and moving in themselves. However it is the lyrics that strike me. The words are theologically charged. They draw to mind Biblical phrases and passages. The focus is clearly on the Lord Jesus, his sovereign power and grace. As with the Psalms and some of the old hymns there is depths of meaning and theological teaching in these songs.

Many CDs are played in the background but are only half-listened to in the midst of many distracting activities. This CD is one that if you play it then it will distract you toward Jesus.

We need music in our churches like this. Not music that entertains us but music that points us in thought and feeling toward our Lord Jesus.

The CD can be purchased from Sovereign Grace or downloaded as mp3 files. Check out their website at www.sovereigngracemusic.org

I strongly encourage you to have a look and listen.

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